QAnon: Why It’s Just Another Parlor Trick Used to Subjugate It’s Followers

I’ve written about this before to no avail. Q followers and many like them, can’t see what Q really is. Answers I get when I point the fact out that it is often wrong are “You don’t understand, he makes you think,” or “Sometimes disinformation is necessary.” You are never laid out with pure facts or real proof. That because Q is similar to parlor trick made to control and bring people into subjugation. It also is much like the old medicine wagons of tge 1800s.

Let me explain. Q Anon is like the horoscopes we read. The difference is most people know they are a joke. For instance, Q says Trump. Football. Winning. Everyone would know Trump is going to a football game if they checked the White Hoise schedule. Suddenly Q followers are screaming, “He went to a football game. A team won! OMG! Q was right!”

Of course, he was right. Whoever runs the account (who is supposedly an insider at the White House insert chuckle), looked at the White House schedule and threw it out online.

Another way to explain it, is that Q predicts things that will happen. For instance, a horoscope may tell you, “something bad might happen this week.” On Wednesday, you trip and scrape your hands and knees. “OMG! My horoscope was right!” Get the picture?

Q is like the old medicine wagons in that he wants to sell his product, convince his group of buyers it works and then bring in an incredible profit. Only his profit is to deceive enmasse.

I wrote an article last year on what a gray psyop is and then one on how it is used to take away support. ( the articles can be seen here and here). This phenomenon full of blind followers may or may not be a gray psyop but is definitely put in place to keep Trump supporters passive.

The constant reference to the book “Art of the Deal” and 5D chess move by Trump is ridiculous. “PART OF THE PLAN” is used much too often when Trump doesn’t do what he promised. Q has misled his followers to believe that somehow, when Trump does something exactly opposite that it’s this great chess move that will end up being what they want it to be. It’s not even possible to them that Trump might really be going back on his promises and doing exactly what he intended to do all along.

In fact, the Q Anon phenomenon reminds me of a cult in that their leader can do no wrong, even if it means committing political suicide. The admiration of this anonymous source is obsessive and very misdirected. Like a cult, they follow the leader without question in almost a religious faith. When their “god” fails them it’s for their own good. “Disinformation is often necessary.” “Q makes me think for myself even when he’s wrong though I am brainwashed.” Yeah, drink that Kool Aid.

If you have ever heard of a Pied Piper scheme, Q Anon is it. Q starts by giving some factual info to “save” the people but eventually leads them astray without them realizing what he is really doing.
By first establishing an audience that begins to believe in what they are releasing, even using actual facts at first, they begin to make people believe their Pied Piper scheme. They will naturally lead their followers to believe they are on their side with statements that shows support of the followers opinions and beliefs. Once a large following has been put into place, they begin to drop statements that will begin to undermine support of people like Edward Snowden, KimDotCom, Wikileaks, Julian Assange and others.

Why do I think they are a government operative? Here’s why:

By first spreading true information, intelligence agencies, posing as anonymous sources inside the government, are able to bring about an audience of believers who are looking for someone to make their wishes come true. #DrainTheSwamp #LockHerUp #Justice4Assange are what many want and are not getting. They give supposed dates that this may or may not happen with clues and codes that really have no definitive statement in them but allow the reader to “suppose” or come up with their own conclusions of what it means. That way, followers can never say, “AHA! They are wrong!”. Instead, they tell themselves, I just misunderstood the clue or code. By getting the reader to come to their own conclusions of happenings in the news and on social media, it enables that psyop to create a false atmosphere of truth.

A government Operative will never be targeted by intelligence agencies unlike truth tellers like Wikileaks and Julian Assange. There will be no false allegations from the governments. Supporters will be left alone. People who back the govt op will never be marked as criminal or face jail time. You will never see an FBI investigation or CIA going after them as whistleblowers even though they may release truth. They will make you believe you are getting hidden facts and that you are “in the know” of what is really going on, when in fact, they never really gave you anything to begin with but “clues”.

Caitlin Johnstone and Elizabeth Vos have both written articles recently. (Caitlin’s article and Vos’s article). Both of these articles are incredible and worth a read on the Q Anon sensation calling it out for what it really is.

Please if you follow Q, really think about what we are all telling you.

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