Both Parties in the U.S. Are Telling Us To Eat Cake


How will Americans survive if they are homeless this winter?

Today was the deadline for the Senate to vote on a stimulus package to help U.S. citizens with a failing economy due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  However, they couldn’t even negotiate.  According to reports, instead of sitting down to civilly discuss possible outcomes, they threw insults back and forth and walked out.  Now, they will recess as the average citizen waits for the worst to happen.

At the end of the month, laws passed to stop evictions will be leaving many without housing and on the streets.  According to an article seen here:

28 million Americans will soon become homeless.  During the Great Depression the number was approximately 10 million.

In another article by Axios seen here:

“The coronavirus pandemic threatens America with a new wave of homelessness due to a cratering economy, expiring unemployment stimulus payments and vanishing renter protections.

The big picture: 23 million Americans are at risk of eviction and exposure to the shelter system during a pandemic, the AP reports, citing the Aspen Institute.

  • The latest Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey found last week that more than 26.5% of American adults 18 or older questioned whether they would be able to make last month’s rent or mortgage payment or had little or no confidence they could pay next month, the AP notes.”

Additionally, at the end of July, the 600 extra given to unemployment recipients expired.  The stimulus check that was all but promised was not agreed upon.  Do Senators care?  Evidently, not enough to put aside differences and save the U.S. from falling apart.  In fact, they may as well have told voters to “eat cake.”

The answer to this crisis has not even been considered by lawmakers and the only thing I see in the future are more questions.  Citizens of the U.S. should reply by voting these animals out of office.  If they cannot do something to help the taxpayers, they need to be out on the street themselves.