The Ongoing Fight for Truth

From the very beginning of time, there has been lies and cover ups.  In recent years, the lies are often covered up by the government and it’s supporting media.  Ten years ago, an organization was formed to expose these lies named Wikileaks and it has been a fight ever since.  A fight by the organization itself against corruption and the governments who seek to silence it, a fight by supporters to stop the persecution and a fight by country’s official to stop it from publishing.  What is the fight really about?  Let me explain.wikileaks flames.gif

Your officials will probably tell you it’s about “classified” documents and intelligence being put out in the public that is dangerous. They will lie to cover their own lies and deceit from the public knowing the truth about what they really are involved in behind closed doors. Some may tell you it is about the disclosure of military intel and was illegal.  Some may even argue it is about endangering soldiers.  This is not true.

Wikileaks never endangered anyone with their publications.  They exposed war crimes, criminality in goverment, violations of human rights, election fraud and governments influencing conflict.  They disclosed how leaders have been overthrown by outside sources that should have never been involved in the first place.  Wikileaks is anti-war and pro-human rights.  They publish the truth. They open governments.

I think the last paragraph explains a lot why there is such hatred towards them by state authorities. No one who commits a crime wants it to be public knowledge. They fear it so they try to bring anyone down who might uncover the truth. Wikileaks has power because of this and they don’t like it. They have media tell lies and sell propaganda about this truthful organization.  Currently, the US Congress has added a referendum calling Wikileaks a “nonstate hostile intelligence agency” in order to defame and destroy them.

Supporters and fans alike fight against this and small victories are occasionally won.  Often times, followers are attacked on social media and occasionally spied on.  Money donated to the organization has been held by the feds.  False allegations and an attempt to extradite Julian Assange to the United States was attempted and failed.  Currently, there is an ongoing to fight to free Mr. Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy where he is currently detained due to the British government.

I would also like to add for those in doubt that the documents and publications released by Wikileaks are true, that not once in it’s ten years existence have they had to retract a story due to it being inaccurate.  Not once have the officials who produced these documents and cables ever expressed that they were false.  Only false accusations of where they have come from have come to the light.

Another fabrication by the top leaders is that Wikileaks has committed espionage and obtained these records from foreign entities such as Russia.  In each case, allegations have been denied and often proven otherwise.  The email leaks during the election of 2016 have been in the news since November.  KimDotCom alleges that Seth Rich was the one who gave the DNC leaks to Wikileaks but that is yet to be proven as the government will not allow his evidence to be brought to light.

So the fight for Julian and Wikileaks wages on and allies of the organization continue to confront the propaganda and lies told about them.  Lawyers for Wikileaks continue their legal battles and management continues to report the truth to the masses.

Which side are you on?russia-info-warfare2

Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

After two years of war, soldiers in Yemen have not received pay in many months and their families are nearly starving, living mostly on yogurt and milk.  Children are malnourished and have little clean water. Cholera is claiming 2000 people a month. Most establishment such as hospitals have been brought literally to their knees. This disease is completely preventable and treatable but in Yemen, health care is scarce and supplies limited.  _92853030_cd3cd143-57e4-44b6-83c4-1ba98b54efda.jpg

1 in every 45 Yemenites have been struck with Cholera and more than 7 million people face the reality of starvation in the near future. Working medical centers are almost non-existent and those in place lack supplies and are not fully functional. If that is not enough, many deaths are due to the constant bombing of the country. The UN has titled Yemen as the worst and largest humanitarian crisis in the world and there is much truth in this very statement.

Saudi Arabia’s intervention has led a trail of blood and death and famine.  What was originally a political struggle for power has become a fight between Saudi’s and Iran, with disease and hunger killing the innocent.  The two warring parties must ease restrictions and allow supplies and food to be brought in to those in need. There seems to be no end in sight for the conflict of the two sides and no relief in sight for the poor people of Yemen.

The US government is a primary arms dealer with Saudi Arabia and so is partially at fault for this war. Though the US military is not involved directly, it is guilty of supporting the Saudis. Yemenis have found US remnants from the air strikes contained in the bombs dropped. How can the United States government live with this?

This war has left over 18.8 million in need of humanitarian intervention which they are not receiving and over 3 million forced to leave their homes in July of this year alone. In March of this year, it was reported that over 10 million were in immediate need of help.18616246_303.jpg Something must be done.

Rand Paul Sits Down on the Defense Bill

Tonight Senator Rand Paul fought for the soldiers who died in Afghanistan by refusing to allow them to put off the vote on the Defense Bill. In tweets on Twitter tonight he posted an article on why we must repeal the 16 year old act and stated it was time for lawmakers to take their own jobs as seriously as those who risk their lives serving our country.images (6).jpg

Senator Rand Paul states that he is seeking an amendment to end the AUMF in Afghanistan and Iraq and he will object to all amendments and motions until his amendment is made an order and they vote on the Middle East wars.  Rand Paul is protesting for the thousands of lives lost due to these wars.  After a sixteen year occupation of Afghanistan it is time we remove troops and realize that this is just another Viet Nam.

The war in Afghanistan was a result of the attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon on 9/11 sixteen years ago.  Since then, we have killed the culprit who was responsible for the attacks and have 5 of the men who planned at Gitmo.  So why are we still there? President Trump wants to send in 2000 more men to finish it but how will that accomplish anything? What are we even trying to do there after 16 years?

Afghanistan and Iraq both have been a useless effort that has cost too many American lives and the US occupation of both lands must end soon. A total of 4486 soldiers have died in Iraq and another 2345 in Afghanistan with a cost to taxpayers of over 6 trillion dollars.  This is a waste of life and money. 6 trillion dollars is almost 1/3 of what we owe in national debt! What have we truly gained from these wars other than heartache and an empty wallet?

For many of those who were lucky enough to not die in these wars, the fatigue of combat has scarred them for the rest of their adult lives with PTSD. Many of these soldiers have been deployed over and over again to experience the trauma like a broken record.  These men and women will never be the same and find it difficult to fit back into civilian life.  Their nights are filled with nightmares and their days filled with depression.

What the soldiers found in these two countries wasn’t what they probably expected. Mostly these two countries are considered third world and they live in poverty without electricity, clean water or food. Lack of communication skills between the US troops and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan often led to tragic endings and lives lost over not being able to understand one another. Memories of combat plague these soldiers and our country wants it to continue. Why?

Why does the United States feel it has to police everyone worldwide? Why does the CIA and the Department of Defense insist on interfering? The answer is simple.  Oil and money or should I say greed is often a decision maker for those who have never served.  Pipelines and the Almighty Dollar influence international policy by lawmakers.  Who stands up to this?

Only Senator Paul will do anything about this and I say he is a hero and extremely motivated to make change unlike the others voted for in our Congress.

It is time for a change and for Senators and Representatives to do their jobs.  There is no ifs ands or buts.  If they do not change their ways, they will be voted out in 2018.

Why We MUST Fight Section 623 of the Intel Act of 2018

This isn’t just about silencing Wikileaks or Julian Assange.  This is so much bigger than that and no one realizes what it truly is. This is about limiting our rights to the news or violation our right to free press.  This has never been about the leaks or whistle blowers.  This has always pertained to limiting our ability to the truth about our government.  If we allow this Section to pass into law, there are a number of consequences.

  1. Anyone who supports Wikileaks or Julian could be arrested as aiding the enemy because the wording “hostile intelligence agency” is the same as calling them terrorists.
  2. Other media organizations will soon be targeted limiting our ability even more to know the truth about our corrupt government.
  3. Silencing Wikileaks would also make whistle blowers less likely to come forth with the truth because of fear of the consequences.

Do you see now why this Section is totally unconstitutional?  We get the government we deserve when we don’t fight for our basic rights.  Stand up against government tyranny and violations of our Constitution now before it’s too late!

The First Amendment and What It Means To You

The First Amendment was added to the Constitution in 1791 to protect several different rights including Freedom of Religion, Free Speech, Freedom of Press, the right to peacefully assemble and petitioning the government for redress of grievances.  Simply you have the right to choose your religion, say what you think, the press has a right to publish, you have a right to protest peacefully and you have a right to petition the government about things you don’t like.  The problems arose with the Federalists and Anti-Federalists arguing before ratifying the Constitution. The Bill of Rights was the compromise between the two on what the Constitution meant.

Keep in mind that originally the Amendments added to the Constitution were only for the Federal Government to abide by due to the tyrannical British government and their unjust, severe laways imposed on the colonies. In 1925, the Supreme Court ruled that the amendment covered both state and federal laws.

The First Amendment has been argued since the Constitution was ratified for various reasons.  Most recently, on the internet and more predominantly cyber security and those who publish documents obtained that are classified.  Some insist that if it is classified the people do not have a right to view these documents.  Others argue for transparency of government is necessary to keep the government in line.  Some argue that the First Amendment does not cover people who are not citizens of the United States and others will debate that the Constitution covered all.  Regardless of argument, Congress today does not always follow the First Amendment in it’s decisions and the Department of Justice fails to adhere to it on a regular basis.

An example of this is the current Section 623 of the Intel Act of 2018 (Intel Act link ) which declares:


It is the sense of Congress that WikiLeaks and the senior leadership of WikiLeaks resemble a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors and should be treated as such a service by the United States.”

Wikileaks is simply a media organization that published documents that were given to them.  They are no different than the New York Times (who published James Comey’s memos) or any other media who has dumped documents on the news.  If Wikileaks and it’s staff are a hostile intelligence organization, then half the country’s media is as well as they have reported on these leaks.  Congress is way out of line in this statement.

However, I do not believe they have a leg to stand on with the wording of this part of the legislation. The words “sense of” which I regard is like stating “feeling of” and the word “resemble” would not stand up in a court of law.  However, anyone who is a free speech advocate needs to fight this section as it is the beginning of the removal of freedom of press to publish and free speech.  It is an absolute violation of the First Amendment and is against the law for the Congress to do so.

The First Amendment and the Constitution distinctly were introduced and ratified to protect citizens and that of the press from oppression by new laws that are against our rights.  They were not written for the federal government to remove or choose when and where thes rights can be utilized.  Any time the Congress of the United States violates an amendment of the Constitution in any way, we are allowing tyranny and federal government to rule our lives.  We The People are the ones who control the government, not the other way around.

Stand up for your first amendment rights and petition and write your Congress today. Here is a list of Senate Twitter Handles

Senate Twitter Handles link

and here is a link to phone numbers and addresses as well as email:

US Congress link



Lauri Love and His Extradition Case to the United States

Lauri (pronounce Lowry) Love is a Finnish-British man charged with hacking into the US Army, Missile Defense Agency and NASA via several computers in his parents home. He was arrested in October 2013 for suspicion for offences under the 1990 Computer Defense Act and his computers were seized. He has never been told what crimes he committed. After posting bail and the UK finally dropping charges, he is now incarcerated to be extradited to the US for hacking into the above mentioned agencies. If he is extradited to the US, he could face up to 99 years in jail and 9m in fines. In Britain, being sentenced for this would be a few months served, but the US is extremely severe in their punishment for hackers, especially after the 2016 election which they claim was hacked by Russia.

Lauri has expressed his dread of being extradited and has simply stated, ““I will kill myself before I’m put on a plane to America,” Love tells me. “They can use as much violence against me as they want, but my will is sovereign over my body and my life.” With such a statement you would think the British government would not allow him to be extradited but as seen in other cases such as Julian Assange’s case, Britain does not respect the human rights of the individual.

Love is being represented by Courage Foundation’s Naomi Colvin and so far the case against his extradition has been unsuccessful and upheld. The case has one last option to appeal and that is in the high court. According to The Guardian:

“It’s difficult to see how anyone can be so obviously under the threat of suicide and yet we would still extradite,” says Karen Todner, Love’s UK lawyer. “To extradite would be horrendous; It would make a mockery of the Human Rights Act.”

Another direct quote from the Guardian is:

“I often think about how I would kill myself,” he says, after a moment. “Maybe I’ll jump in front of that bus? So I have to concentrate on understanding that there is a beneficial purpose to my going through this. People died for the legal rights and protections we enjoy in the UK. People died for the right to not be held up pending your trial. People died fighting for the right to see the evidence.”

99 years in prison as a sentence is a severe and cruel punishment for a non-violent crime and the United States government needs to realize that their hard-nosed, harsh approach to cases involving hackers and whistle blowers is wrong and unjust. Although this is a sensitive time for the US when it comes to hackers, it does not justify violating human rights of individuals with such cruel punishment.

To Love, computer is like the sound of music and it speaks to him. Since his early teen years he has been in love with it. If the US government had any sense, they would hire people like Love and other computer geniuses to protect their agencies rather than use them as examples to other hackers. However, most government officials feel they have no use for such individuals.

Advocates of Love feel this case is extremely important in stopping the extradition of said individuals to the United States because of the fierce punishment by US Law. It truly is arguable that the US has become the worse example of severity in cases regarding whistleblowers, hackers and those that publish such documents as gained this way. Look at the case of Julian Assange, editor and publisher at Wikileaks and his detainment of 7 years.

If you have the opportunity to support Lauri Love’s case, please write to Theresa May, prime minister of the UK government at

Freedom of Speech Threatened: The Libel Case of Craig Murray in England

Regardless of the reasoning behind this court action in Britain, free speech in England seems to have become a thing of the past.  You can be sued for any statement for any reason.  This case against Craig Murray may bankrupt him which not only effects himself, but his wife and children as well.  There are few details of this case, as by British law he is not allowed to speak much about it.  He has little to no money to defend himself and could use our help. It was his Sky TV appearance that led to the allegations and the legal suit.assangemurray.jpgCraig-Murray-British-Ambassador-whistleblower-002.jpg

It is a terrible thing when you cannot speak freely about subjects that people need to hear about.  Britain has become an advocate to stifling free speech and prosecuting those who speak the truth as seen in Julian Assange’s case as well. Their contempt of court laws prevent poor individuals from speaking of their cases openly with threats of contempt of court and 2 years imprisonment for doing so.  How is this fair to the individual without means to defend themselves?

Though I often don’t agree with his fight for Palestine, I do not agree with this violation of human rights on this individual by the British government.  Regardless of country, free speech is a God given right to humans.  Attacking anyone for speaking their feelings about anything that they believe is taking that right away and is tyrannical and unlawful.  This court case is a disgrace.

Who is Craig Murray?  Well, let me tell you.

Craig Murray is a former British ambassador who advocates for human rights and a historian. According to Wikipedia:

“During an interview with the American radio presenter Alex Jones on 21 August 2006 regarding torture and the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot, Murray claimed that false intelligence on al-Qaedaplots was obtained through torture done by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) proxies, and that the intelligence gained is used as a propaganda tool.[“

Murray was threatened with legal action over publishing documents that were considered confidential but no writ was ever issued against him.  Many peer to peer websites picked up the documents and republished them.  Craig is also a close friend of Julian Assange’s and has campaigned to free him outside the Ecuadorian Embassy. Murray also stands behind Julian in his claim that Russians did not provide the DNC leaks and Podesta emails. In his quote from Wikipedia he stated:

I know who leaked them,” Murray said. “I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian and it’s an insider. It’s a leak, not a hack; the two are different things”.

Craig Murray was awarded the Sam Adams Award in 2006 for his work on exposing the torture in Uzbekistan.

You can visit his website to donate at

craig murrays blog




Wearing Julian Assange’s Shoes

I want you to put on someone else’s shoes for a bit in this article. Imagine being accused of a crime you didn’t commit.  In this case, the crime is rape.  Your accusers are the prosecution of a country, not necessarily the two seperate individuals in two seperate incidents.  Now imagine you are well know world wide as a journalist, a writer and a publisher who his known for telling the truth.  This case has put you in one hell of a bind.  Newspapers and media outlets all over the world have called you a rapist and a liar.  Even though the two individuals who are involved are over 18, a few of the other journalists around you have said you had sex with someone underage.  One group has even accused you of raping two people of the same sex as you though the individuals were the opposite.DCkvVAiVoAA3AWp.jpg

How would you feel?

Now imagine having to take political asylum in an Embassy in a room no bigger than most Americans living rooms. No access to the sun.  If you step foot outside you will be arrested and extradited for accusations of treason and espionage which you also didn’t commit.  Your political asylum goes on for ever. The country accusing you has never filed charges and they are just allegations. Finally after 5 years in the Embassy and a total of 2 years on house arrest and in actual jail, the country drops the allegations.  However, the country you are in still wants to arrest you and extradite you!

In 7 years, you haven’t seen your family or your growing children.  They are living their lives without you.  You are isolated from the outside world.  People are still calling you a rapist even though you did nothing wrong. The two women you had consensual intercourse with have moved on and lived their lives while you have had your human rights violated.

Sounds terrible doesn’t it?  Trust me it is much worse than it sounds. Lack of sunlight can cause all sorts of health problems as well as emotional issues.  Not to mention if you ever are free to go, your relationship with the children you love so much is forever changed. You have to imagine having police around the building you have sought asylum in watching you 24/7.  Reporters around the structure often as well. People are threatening you for the work you publish which has never been retracted because it is all true.  These people are threatening your life! Not just a few people, but hundreds on social media.  Government officials are calling for you to be droned or shot.

What did you do?  You shared documents that exposed government corruption.  These document were given to you by whistle blowers who wanted the truth to be known.  One of those whistle blowers has even been pardoned in the 7 years you have been detained.

Now imagine how you would feel.  Angry, depressed, paranoid,vengeful perhaps and a whole strew of emotions would run through your mind.

Who am I talking about? Has this really happened?  Yes, it has.  His name is Julian Assange and he is the founder and publisher of  His fight for truth led him to the position he is in. His organization, which has received dozens of journalism awards is under fire as well by the US Senate.  They are calling it a non-state hostile intelligence agency and want to prosecute him for publishing documents given to him.  This is a terrible atrocity and borders on torture.  The UN has declared he be set free and that his situation is against his human rights and yet very few want to stand up and say, “LET HIM GO”!

It is time for us to stand up for truth!  It is time for us to tell the governments involved in this case to let this hero go free! It is time for the slander and lies to stop and this illegal abomination to end!  We need to fight for this man. We need to right letters, use social media, let the masses know of the mental torture this man is undergoing and the violation of his human rights.  FIGHT!  This is a worthy cause unlike any other you may have defended.

Let this individual go free and see his family and children once again.  Let him feel the sun on his face and breathe the fresh air.  Let him feel human! It’s time for action, not words!ap-julian-assange-jc-170519

Contact your US Senators and House of Representatives at the link below:

US Congress link

The White House link is

Contact the President

You can contact the Prime Minister of Britain here:

Contact Theresa May


Julian Assange Impersonators and What to Do

Since Twitter refuses to verify @JulianAssange , the impersonators have gone mad.  There are so many you can’t keep track of them all.  Even though @wikileaks, which is verified, has even put his account in their profile, people continue to follow the fakes.  So how do you tell who is real?  assange proof 6

  1. The real Julian has one account. @JulianAssange  Once again, verified by @wikileaks
  2. Julian Assange will never take a side.  He is neither Democrat or Republican. Neither left or right.
  3. Julian has a distinct way of writing.
  4. @Wikileaks and @JulianAssange often retweet each other.
  5. In some cases, you can tell by the number of followers but several accounts have a lot.

I think that is pretty simple to follow.

You are probably wondering why someone would want to start a fake Assange account.  I think that is pretty simple as well.

By printing false information, they deter people from trusting Wikileaks and Julian.  Imitators often have jealousy issues or hate the person they are imitating.  Some even are in love with that person and it is a fantasy.  It’s even possible a US government organization is doing this to make him look bad.  Another possible reason is the person has a boring life and wishes they were Assange.

Regardless of the reasoning why, this hurts the truth.  You can report them as impersonating at the link below:

Twitter Reports: Impersonation

Also, after reporting this person block them and tell others who may be following that it is a fake account.  Always verify who people are that claim they are famous celebrities regardless of who it is.

What is Wikileaks Exactly?

Recently, the US Senate has added a Section (#623) to the Intel Act of 2018 naming Wikileaks a hostile non-state intelligence organization. The problem with this definition is that it is far from the truth. (Surprise, surprise Congress lies). The organization’s best definition is found on their website and reads”WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization and associated library.” Wikileaks truly is nothing more than a publisher of documents given to them. They have never had to retract a story or a document in the ten years of their existence. They have exposed war crimes and government corruption in those ten years. Not until the Manning leaks did the United States government even take interest in them.

Other publishing organizations such as New York Times and Washington Post have published leaks (many of them fake) and have suffered no consequences, so why target Wikileaks?

I will tell you my theory on this. You see, many of our Congress and other government officials have committed crimes that are hidden. Wikileaks publishes many of those documents when a whistle blower brings the information to them. Before doing so, Wikileaks validates those documents as real. No person in the government wants to be exposed for their dirty criminal activity. None of Wikileaks revelations have caused any death by being published. (However, the theory is a young Democrat was killed last summer by the DNC for leaking, but that would not be because of Wikileaks.)

Wikileaks and it’s staff have received many journalism awards over the years. If you would like to look at a list of those awards here is a link what is wikileaks

So popular is Wikileaks that WikiLeaks is cited in more than 28 thousands academic papers and US court filings according to their site.

So the question is, why is Congress targeting Wikileaks? It’s very simple, FEAR. They are afraid of what Julian Assange and Wikileaks might have on them. They are afraid of what the organization can prove against both left and right. They are afraid of being exposed. When one commits crimes as they do, they are paranoid of being caught.

Please contact your Senator today and tell them to strike Section 623 from the Intel Act of 2018 today. Click on the links below for contact information. Thank you! Help save the truth!

List of US Senator Twitter Handles

Senate phone numbers and contact info