Assange Apparently Admitted to Belmarsh Prison’s Medical Ward

According to several articles in the Swedish papers, Julian Assange is in ill health and may have been admitted to the medical ward in Belmarsh prison. In the article seen here ( I’ve translated):

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s Swedish lawyer wants the arrest hearing on Monday in Uppsala to be postponed. According to the lawyer, who has now visited his client in British prison, Assange is admitted to the medical department and was unable to make a call.

Uppsala District Court has booked a detention hearing against Julian Assange on Monday morning. He is imprisoned in the Belmarsh prison in Britain for violating the country’s guarantor. The detention hearing in Uppsala will be held in Assange’s absence.

Last Friday, Assange’s Swedish defender, lawyer Per E Samuelson, visited his client in prison. In a letter to Uppsala District Court, the lawyer says that they met for just under two hours.According to the lawyer, Assange’s state of health at the meeting was such that “a normal conversation with him was not possible”. Julian Assange is said to have been taken to the prison’s ward, but there is no more detailed information about his state of health.

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| Per E Samuelson is Julian Assange’s Swedish lawyer.

To TT says Per E Samuelsson:
– By caring for his personal integrity, I do not want to say more than I have already said. But to the point, he was told during our meeting by an English lawyer that the US extended the spy charge against him to 18 points, with a theoretical maximum penalty of 170 years. It obviously stole attention, he says to TT.

According to the letter, the lawyer and Assange could “only to a limited extent” talk about the forthcoming arrest hearing and Assange’s attitude to suspicions.

After the meeting, Per E Samuelson requested that the detention hearing in Uppsala on Monday be postponed.Assange has not yet received the arrest warrant, which contains the prosecutor’s evidence in support of his arrest. The memorandum must be translated into English and then posted to Julian Assange in prison. According to the lawyer, the district court has informed that the translation can be completed only on June 10. In the letter to the district court, Samuelson requests that the arrest hearing be moved until Assange has received the evidence.

At a meeting later on Friday via video link between the prison and a law firm in London where Samuelson and some of Julian Assange’s British lawyers attended, Assange was informed, according to the letter, that the United States had extended the spy charge against him to 18 points. The rest of the meeting was mostly about this prosecution and Assange “was not able to simultaneously focus on the resumed Swedish preliminary investigation,” according to Samuelson’s letter.

According to the lawyer, his only possibility of contacting his client is personal visits that are booked well in advance or via a video link at a law firm in London. Video calls to Sweden are not possible according to the letter. He also points out that Assange is in British prison and is already in custody for US extradition requests there.Therefore, he will not be released when half the time of the 50-week punishment in the UK is served, as usual, but remains detained until the United States’ request is tried in the UK court, according to the lawyer.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson, who leads the preliminary investigation against Assange about the suspected rape in Sweden, does not consider there to be any reason to move forward on Monday’s planned arrest negotiations. She writes in an opinion to the Uppsala District Court that she assumes that Assange and his Swedish lawyer at the meeting last Friday went through the arrest warrant and Assange’s attitude to the suspicions. The essential thing is that Assange is informed of the contents of the arrest warrant, not that it is handed over physically, according to the prosecutor, who opposes the defense’s request.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Uppsala District Court had not settled the issue.UNT has applied for Per E Samuelson

It appears that the negative impact of hearing about the indictments may have affected Assange’s already failing health. We can only hope his condition is nothing serious. I will update as soon as I know more.

2 thoughts on “Assange Apparently Admitted to Belmarsh Prison’s Medical Ward

  1. I am very worried about the health of Julian Assange. This has got to stop. The Australian government has a responsibility to use its considerable power and influence in the US and UK to have him freed and brought back to Australia to his family. He is guilty of nothing. He is a truth teller and he represents the interests of the people, who have a right to know when governments commit crimes. Set him Free.


  2. Deliman Carmen Iulia

    This is a bad ruled world based on state bad behaviour where the good ones dies and the bad ones are almost well treated it is not only Assange in this situation many have no human rights exept people who make a lot of kids to help the economic growth they have real human rights police defence pope defence salary without working . So what future can come out of this ?.Maybe in future people will start to understand that staing in silence helps only to become what mr.Assange is forced to become


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