In A World Full Of Stress, Stop and Enjoy the Little Things


With a definite economic collapse in the works, many unemployed and on the verge of becoming homeless (if they aren’t already) and Covid-19 sitting on the steps looking for a way in, many are stressed to the point of breakdown.  Here is what I recommend to help you in these trouble times.

Stop and smell the roses:  This doesn’t necessarily mean literally find a rose bush and smell the flowers.  It means to take a walk and take a deep breath of fresh breath somewhere nice.  Enjoy your children playing and giggling if you have them.  Play with your pet. Do something that helps you relax.  I went for a walk the other day and stopped under a maple tree.  I took a deep breath as I noticed the smell it emits.  It had been so long since I noticed such a thing.

Try meditating.  Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and try to free your mind of everyday thoughts.  For me, I pray during these times.  I visualize myself laying face-first at God’s throne and as I lay out my problems and turn to worship, I picture Him gathering me in his arms like a child.  For me, this takes away the stress.

Something else I do:  I will close my eyes and picture myself in a field full of grass and wildflowers.  I envision a huge tree in the distance and a cliff that drops to the ocean on one side of me.  I picture myself dancing around in circles as the sun touches my face.  I can feel a soft breeze.  I often stay in this place until I can relax.

When you need a quick way to get rid of stress, take a deep breathe and let it out slowly several times in a row.  Count to ten as you do it.  Sigh.  It works.

Meanwhile, I hope you all can get through this.


It’s all just Dust in the Wind

We spend our whole lives working just to survive and in the end, what does it matter? Without Jesus, it’s just early things that we collect. Without Jesus, our loves are just dust in the wind.
Solomon was the wisest man and he understood that it is all just vanity. We collect material things and go into debt and work our lives away to serve a government who enslaves us. Freedom is an illusion when you enslave yourselves by thinking material things matter. Truly, the love of money is the root of all evil.
Most of us have approximately 70 years on this earth and we spend 50 of it slaving away. In the end, our labors are literally just a joke. It all returns to the earth in the end.
Civilizations are buried beneath the ground. Lives lived. Yet, every day people continue hopelessly busting their ass for what? A sliver of the pie?
Take a moment, smell the roses, enjoy what little time you have on this earth. Say a prayer for those suffering. Take time to find God in everything beautiful. Above all, hive your heart to Jesus.
Serving the Lord is not hard work. Its spending time with your best friend. No one can ever love you like He does. He understands you better than you understand yourself. After all, He created you. He knew you before you were ever even born.
Remember to stop and appreciate what time we have on this earth. Stop serving the god of material things and instead, enjoy the peace God can give you.