Humans Are The Real Monsters: The Suffering Of Julian Assange


When a man chooses to do something for humanity, we must not allow him to suffer for it. As human beings, we cannot turn the other cheek and allow his demise. In the case of Julian Assange, he has suffered greatly over the last 9 years. He has been mocked, taunted, abused and tortured for caring about what was being done to the innocent. He spent 7 years in a tiny room afraid of extradition to the U.S. where he would be tortured, locked away for the rest of his life and perhaps even receiving the death penalty. Why? Because he exposed the monstrosities being committed by a superpower, This should not be.

He has slowly deteriorated from a vibrant, happy individual into a depressed, tormented shell of a human vessel. As they slowly try to destroy his mind and body, yet his soul holds on to what is most dear to him, his life. He sits in his solitary cell, fighting for his life alone, misery as his sole companion. Many say, “But he published classified information.” When did the immoral act of war crimes against the innocent become something we should not know about. The U.S., the U.K., along with Australia all have hidden the evil they have committed like the NAZI’s did in Germany. If they had not been exposed, the Jewish community would have been exterminated forever.

The U.S. government has used every piece of propaganda against Assange in the book, including torture, using the media to destroy his character, lies about an alleged rape that never happened, and literally had friends and close confidantes smeared as well. Yet, that is not enough for them, they want him gone. How can one individual fight against a government that has everything at their exposal to annihilate him?

Truly, human beings can be the true monsters as they attempt to cover up their own crimes. Human beings are the monsters who commit evil in this world. When a man who is compassionate, strong, gentle and good as Assange is, humanity does not understand and ostracizes that person. They cannot understand his virtuousness so they mock him, look for anything to hate him for, and finally, they seek to destroy that which is gracious inside him.

The U.S. government is nothing but a monstrosity that has grown so big it is capable of destroying the entire world and humanity in one simple stroke. It is terrifying to know that it holds in its hand the ability to end the world as we know it. In fact, it is dismantling democracy as we speak and has become a tyrannical regime of destruction around the world. According to NewsWeek, (link is seen here), the United States Pentagon spends 250 million on war ever day. According to, they have spent 32.1 million dollars an hour since 2001. Truthfully, the Pentagon is the heart of the monster, the military the appendages and Congress and the President the mind of it.


Currently, the whole of humanity looks on with apathy as this monster seeks to devour one of its own, becoming one with the monster. Literally aiding and abetting the crime of the destruction of the innocent. We are the monster. We are the creature in the closet, under our bed, in our mind. We are the beast, the demon, the villain. We choose to murder the innocent. If we do not want to be that which we fear, we must fight against the elimination of that which is good. We must end the extermination of Julian Assange and we must do it now!!!!

Assange is The Precedent By Which Journalists Will Be Treated in The Future

The treatment of Julian Assange seems to be out of a horror movie. The torture, the solitary confinement and the condition he appeared in at the last court hearing is a travesty of justice and a terrifying example of just how evil Western civilization has become. It is disturbing to note that his lawyers “had never seen anyone brought into court in his condition.” It should give you a feeling of strong revulsion to know they put him in a “hot box” prior to the hearing and strip searched him.

The British government is slowly destroying a beautiful soul for the U.S. injustice system. They are martyring him for the criminals. It is an abomination being committed before our very eyes because the media has spread such terrible falsities about this man.

We must unite as human beings against the animals who seek to set a precedent against journalists who expose the war crimes of our abhorrent, apathetic, inhumane governments. If we do not, we are as evil as they are.

Humanity should be crying out for this man. Certainly, they have brought Lady Justice to her knees through the crimes they have committed. The U.S. and U.K. governments no longer stand for truth and justice instead they lie and cheat as much as the politicians we allow to rule us. We have become slaves to a power so evil, they allow torture of the individual and murder as an alternative to humanity.

Please educate those around you with the truth and help free this beautiful soul.

Sweden Drops Assange Investigation For The Third Time: Updates

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Today, Sweden announced the decision to drop the investigation into rape allegations against Julian Assange based on a lack of evidence for the third time. Many accused Assange of hiding out in the Ecuadorian Embassy to escape facing these allegations even though Julian offered to be questioned in the embassy on numerous occasions.  Sweden questioned him in early 2017 and dropped allegations in May.  However, under obvious pressure, they reopened the investigation after Assange was arrested on April 11th of this year.  There has been no formal apology for the lost time in Assange’s life.  Assange sought asylum because he feared extradition to the U.S. where he faced torture and life imprison if not the death penalty.

Sweden not only owes Assange an apology but reparations for the life he lost and the time he could have spent with his children.

According to  WSWS, ( link is seen here),

The Swedish investigation has always been a stalking horse for the US government, which has sought to extradite Assange, either from Sweden or Britain, where he is currently jailed, in order to lock him up forever or execute him on charges under the 1917 Espionage Act, because of WikiLeaks’ publication of evidence of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Assange has not received the good news as of yet as Belmarsh prison canceled all visitors for the day.  They must know that eventually, the news will reach him, this is yet another act of war on a man who has never been proven guilty of anything.  Britain is now holding Assange solely for the U.S. government to extradite him and for him to face 175 years in prison.  His recent visit to the “hot box” was done for no other reason than to torture this fragile, unhealthy journalist.

The road to hell is paved by  our governments.

Judge Arbuthnot Is a Serious Conflict of Interest while Baraitser Claims She Has No Jurisdiction

I wrote on Judge Emma Arbuthnot’s conflict of interest last June regarding Wikileaks release of her criminal husband’s activities. However, it has to come to light that her son is also a reason she is a conflict of interest as he is employed by a U.S. cyber security firm called DarkTrace which is an intelligence agency anti-war leak company. (See link here).

If that is not enough, according to Sputnik news, (Link seen here), Judge Vaness Baraitser declared today she has no jurisdiction over Assange’s conditions in which he is held. It seems the lies and bull shit gets deeper as we go.

If a judge has no jurisdiction over prison conditions, who does? This woman’s biased decisions and obvious ulterior motives are so obvious, she might as well wear a t-shirt saying, “I love the US!”

Baraitser shows an obvious contempt for justice as well as the law as she continues to persecute a man who is innocent until proven guilty. She was appointed to oversee these hearings by Arbuthnot and for obvious reasons.

Everyone who is not standing up against the unjust treatment in this case should be ashamed of themselves. Only apathetic creatures with no compassion can look at the torture and persecution of this man and not be appalled by the abuse. It is horrifying to watch as it continues.

Julian Assange must be free!

While Julian’s legal team does all it can to fight his extradition to the US, we must do all we can to highlight the injustices he has to endure.

Everyone must realise media & politicians lie about him constantly. We must educate the public on the lies pertaining to Assange and create a mass movement to Free him immediately before it’s too late!

The Continued Torture of Julian Assange: New Update

Many may not view 23 hours in isolation as torture but recent news from Assange’s father, John Shipton, proves that they intend to torture Assange until he is dead.

In a meeting in EU Parliament, both Mr. Shipton and UN special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, spoke of their concerns in this case. (You can see it here). John spoke of why Assange had trouble remembering his name at a recent court appearance , stating that they had put Julian in a “hot box” prior to the hearing and also strip searched him.

John Shipton pointed out:

“AU criminal law barristers who deal with indigenous people – Phillip Segal, @BarnsGreg & 8 others said they have never seen a defendant brought into court in that condition – unable to remember his name.”

Many have discussed the possible use of BZ, a chemical given to an individual to alter their mind, but it appears the use of the “hot box” caused his confused state.

According to Wikipedia seen here:

The box, also known as a hot box or sweatbox, is a method of solitary confinement used in humid and arid regions as a method of punishment. Anyone placed in one would experience extreme heat, dehydration, heat exhaustion, even death, depending on when and how long one was kept in the box. Another variation of this punishment is known as sweating: the use of a heated room to punish or coerce a person into cooperating with the torturers.

If the U.K. is willing to use such a technique on a man who is simply being held for possible extradition, what horrible forms of torture will be used on Assange once he arrives in the U.S.? This is exactly what Julian was terrified of and why he sought asylum from Ecuador. He knew what would happen to him.

I am mortified, angry and so many other emotions by this travesty of justice and mercy. If they are doing this to a well known journalist like Assange, what are they doing to others? Torture at this level was discontinued and looked down upon due to the Geneva Convention. Both the U.S. and U.K. agreed upon the definitions mentioned in this agreement and that they would not use such things anymore. These are civilized nations. We no longer live in the Dark Ages. What in God’s name do they think they are doing?

I cannot imagine what brutality and evil must bve present in those afflicting these techniques on a man who exposed criminals. The evil and injustice in this case is mind boggling. This is a cruel and unusual punishment for a man who has never been tried.

They are slowly assassinating him and destroying a man who only wanted justice for those who were victims of war crimes. While journalist organizations continue to give him awards and he is enduring hell, the average citizen sits back aesthetically allowing this atrocity to play out. What is wrong with society today when they allow such evil in their midst? This is not the MidEast, this is happening in London. Folks, something must be done before it is too late. We must save this son, father and brother from being martyred. We must free Assange!!!

Letter to Court Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser Regarding the Extradition and Torture of Julian Assange

Julian Assange is in great jeopardy and it appears that you may be the only one who can help him. He is being threatened by extradition to the U.S. with the possibility of the death penalty or life in prison under the antiquated Espionage Act of 1917. The threat of torture and mistreatment is very real. He does not stand a chance of getting any justice in the U.S. court systems. It is apparent that you intend to play the game the U.S. has set out and there will be no justice in your court either. Do you really want to be remembered as the judge who sentenced Assange to death?

Nils Melszer, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on torture, has stated his continued isolation in Belmarsh may end with his death. The silent assassination of the greatest journalist of our time is being watched by the world and so far, you have done nothing but furthered that which is destroying this man.

Julian Assange is a publisher, a journalist and a hero. By allowing the prosecution against Assange to continue, it is a direct violation of your oath to seek and find justice in this case.

The relentless attacks on Assange and Wikileaks threatens the future of a free press that is the bulwark of democracy. It is a threat to our very freedom.

Assange was held without charge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for nearly 7 years without fresh air, sunlight, proper exercise or proper medical care against 2 UN rulings to release him. All the while, not a shred of evidence has ever been found that he has done anything but publish the truth. He is relentlessly attacked by those who fear the truth will put them in jeopardy of prosecution themselves. This case is a political disgrace to scare other would be truthtellers from publishing war crimes around the is an example of a superpower seeking to destroy our human rights as individuals and exert its power over other states.

This is an injustice not just against this man, but all humanity. It sets a legal precedent to prosecute any journalist who exposes truth. It also is against the human rights of political refugees who seek protection. It sets an example of how criminals get away with corruption and whistleblowers get prosecuted. It is an act of injustice by the United States against all of us.

We urge you to take action. By dropping this case, and ending the possibility of extradition, you can end this travesty of justice.


Conspiracy Theories, Unifying and Julian Assange

Intelligence agencies keep things secret because they often violate the rule of law or of good behavior.

-Julian Assange

“There is unity in the oppression. There must be absolute unity and dtermination, in the response…” – Julian Assange

Remember how Assange being extradited to the U.S. to face charges under the Espionage Act was just a conspiracy theory that existed in Assange’s head? Well it’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. It’s very real and he faces 175 years in prison or worse the death penalty.

Do you remember the real conspiracy theory that Trump was going to save Assange? Folks, it’s a crazed idea from an anonymous on a hacker channel. Nothing more, unfortunately, than a false hope. If Assange’s life is to be saved, it must be done by us. We must pressure our elected leaders until they relent and understand.

Our actions can free Assange if we fight hard enough. Solitary Confinement since April 11th is slowly destroying this great mind leaving him dazed and confused. The torture he has endured and continues to survive through is killing him slowly. We must act now!

No more conspiracy theories about his lawyers, or Trump saving him or even discussing the possibility of mind altering drugs. The time of conspiracy theory discussions is over. It is time for action!

The arguments and division must end and we need to unite against the superpower seeking to destroy Assange. We cannot let the U.S. have him. I can’t do it alone nor can you. We must free him, together!!!

The division amongst his supporters is caused by dissidents and government operatives who mean to divide and conquer. They want Assange silenced forever. They want him dead for publishing secrets that the public needed to know. Every time we choose hate over love, we give them more power to destroy!

Please, hear his cries for help!!!!

Put your differences aside and fight together to Free Julian! Thank you!