In Response to the Recent Targeting of Myself and Another Individual

I will continue my support of Julian Assange and Wikileaks regardless to the current allegations that I am not a supporter but simply a troll.  It doesn’t matter if you hate me or not, my heart is not changed by other’s direct targeting.  Divide and Conquer is the psyops used by the US government to destroy Wikileaks support. I will not fall victim to this style of childish hatred and mayhem.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks has my utmost respect due to the fact they tell the truth.  They are my heroes and are the people I look up to.  Very few people have my total respect let alone my sincere devotion and backing.  Christmas is coming and I would hope that peace on earth will prevail amongst all of us. If this cannot then so be it. I can only control my own behavior and no one else’s attitudes or feelings.

Currently, we need to support Julian all the more as his 7 year detainment anniversary is right around the corner. Why is this man not free yet?  Why does the US government continue to harass and seek his arrest? This man is a publisher and editor nothing else.  He is no different than the editor of any national newspaper except that the CIA wants to bring his organization down for exposing the truth.

Please donate to or

You can also visit the store for all your Christmas needs at wikileaks.shopwikileaks_large_by_bmmd-d37mr7a.png

Perfect World

In my perfect world…

There would be no hunger, no disease and on one would go out without

There would be no greed or evil or violence or crime

In my perfect world…

There would be no more wars, people would love and never hate

No one would go without healthcare, or medicine,

In my perfect world…

Money would not exist and the garbage man would be considered no less than the president

People would live in peace, and everyone would contribute, there would be no need for welfare

In my perfect world…

Governments would not need to exist, there would be no establishment or deep state or prisons because there would be no crime

There would be no envy, jealousy or strife and no one would ever betray one another

In my perfect world…

The mentally insane would be stable, no one would suffer, the homeless would have shelter and respect

Death would be in your sleep and no one would hurt or cry or feel unwanted or alone

In my perfect world…maxresdefault.jpg


But there is no such thing as a perfect world. People hate, they envy, they backstab and they murder one another. Crime is everywhere and so is war. People die every day from lack of food while others eat until they are obese.  People go without healthcare, proper medications. Diseases run rampant. People do not have clean water or shelter. Our governments are corrupt and criminal and lie to us.

“What can I do,” You ask, ” I am just one person,” You can stand up and donate your time and money. You can write letters to Congressman and the President. You can help expose coruption and stop overlooking injustice in this world. Feed the poor. Give them water.  Stop ignoring the wars. Stand up for what is right and leave your comfort zone. It is the only way…World-Chaos



The Censoring of Randy Credico; Radio Personality

Some of you may know the story about WBAI and it’s issues at the Empire State building, but you haven’t heard the story of their censoring their own broadcasters and getting rid of those they don’t like. It truly makes you question when they fired him in October what their true motives were. Were they based on Randy covering so much of WikiLeaks? Interviewing Julian Assange’s mom? Did Deep State pressure the radio station or are they just creeps?  Many of us listened to his radio commentary “On the Fly” and enjoyed it.  Randy has a way of putting things that other radio show hosts don’t, so why fire him?uw2qu-ns.jpg

It started with moving Reverend Billy’s time slot. He was well known to be on at Thursday at 5 pm and they decided to move him to Sunday at 8 am.  Billy didn’t want to be moved so they let him go. Randy stood up for him. There is conflict with Tony Bates the Interim PD and most of the WBAI employees. Not to mention current management didn’t even have the decency to attend a memorial for a long time employee, Therese Choron, who died at age 55 of cervical cancer.  What kind of decent radio station ignores such a travesty?

According to Poof! Credico was Gone article Randy Credico is quoted as saying:

It is f’ng outrageous that Pacifica allows WBAI to continue employing Tony Bates as interim PD. I’ve been holding back while the Empire State Building travesty was unfolding, so as not to divert energies. But Pacifica’s lack of proper supervision of those in its employ are a large part of the reason why WBAI (and other stations) are in the terrible shape they’re in. (at the time I wrote former ED Margy Wilkinson about the critical importance of supervising negotiations between the GM and and ESB. She did nothing, and that’s partly why we are where we are.)a - RandyCredico_0.png

I would most certainly like to point out as fan that Randy has done more than just be a radio personality and show host but has ran for public office as well as spoke, (or maybe the term yelled would be more accurate), for the reform of the injustices of the United States’ current imprisonment policies.  He basically single-handedly took it upon himself to see these laws changed.  He was also a star on the comedy circuit and even appeared on “The Tonight Show: Starring Johnny Carson.”  This man is no stranger to standing up for what is right.

However, it seems anyone who affiliates with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange is brought down quickly and I do believe this is part of the reason WBAI did what it did other than just being a terrible radio station who does not value its employees.  Take a look at other associates of WL and its publisher.  Allies such as Caitlin Johnstone, and Trevor Fitzgibbon.  Even I have been targeted and attacked for my support of WikiLeaks.

By systematically targeting allies and supporters, the US government is hoping to shut down the voice of truth.  However, people like myself and Randy Credico will not be silenced so easily.

Support Randy and other supporters. Follow Randy on Twitter @Credico2016.  Follow me @ Smokes_Angel Support those of us who give a damn about the truth and will not be sillenced with fear tactics!randy-c.jpg

Defending Wikileaks and Recent Attacks Against Them and Donald Trump Jr.

First of all, if you are a true supporter of either of these, you know better than to believe MSM because they spread fake news daily.  Second of all, a true supporter doesn’t turn their back when the going gets tough.  Third of all, well, just listen to me…

On October 17th, 2016 Ecuador shut off Julian’s internet due to his Hillary’s releases because they felt he was interfering in the election.  He had no electronic devices left to him to communicate with anyone.  Here is an article stating exactly that: ecuador cuts Julian’s Assanges internet  His internet was not reinstated until after Trump took office in January.  The DM’s in the Atlantic’s article are not Julian.  They don’t even resemble the way Julian writes or talks.  I personally think they are made up and fake.DOjUoHhX0AAxzlO.jpg

Donald Trump Jr. released all correspondence with Wikileaks and all are dated  AFTER Trump took office.  Even if Julian would have collaborated with Trump in the election, so what?  He exposed a vicious criminal and her corruption. There is nothing wrong with fighting to keep someone like that out of office.  After all, the women wanted him droned!  However, there is absolutely no proof that he did.DOjVs_0XcAABTBq.jpg

Had the Atlantic verified their sources and looked back for information on the dates that they used they would know this was impossible. Check Mate!DOjV1ZVWAAEkPDh.jpg

The Truth and Nothing But: Allegations, Propaganda and Julian Assange

Between the trolls screaming and the media lying, it is time someone steps up and tells the truth. I will send you to various links to prove what I am saying is true to demonstrate to you why all of the latest garbage online is bogus and is meant to discredit WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.  Many of the accusations are so far off I cannot believe anyone would even believe them.  I have written about the plight of Julian Assange before so we won’t go into the terrible details of his detainment here but you can read that at The Inhumanity of Julian Assange’s Detainment

Let’s start with the latest smear out there about Julian colluding with Donald Trump Jr. before the election.  This is nothing but a smear campaign against Trump as well as Julian.  Haven’t people ever heard of fake news before? The only time Julian reached out to Donald Trump Jr was here and this was well after the election.jr and assange

Julian has a great deal of integrity and if you don’t know what that is I am about to give you the definition. states:

“adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.”

I am going to repeat a statement that I think is very important regarding both Wikileaks and Assange.   In 11 years of existence, they have never had to retract a story and have won every court case disputing their documentation.  Find another publisher who can say that. All there received material is verified and scrutinized.  Their methods can be found here. WikiLeaks Verification and the Current Smear Campaign as well as on their site

Another smear has been that they are a Russian disinformation agency. Another unbelievable attempt at damaging their perfect reputation.  If they were Russia’s puppet why do they publish documents exposing them? Here is the link for that. wikileaks Russian files

The final thing I want to speak to you about is people who insist that Julian is a rapist.  This is an awful, slanderous name to call an innocent man.  I am just going to refer you to two links and will write an entire article on proof that he isn’t.  This is an issue dear to my heart, and it angers me when people look past facts to discredit a man who is so honest and trustworthy. Here are the links: and To add to this I would like to remind people that allegations were dropped in May after Assange and his lawyers met with Sweden and Julian was allowed to put forth his statement. Also, recently, it has come out that the UK and Sweden were deleting emails and import documents regarding his case. In fact, there was a court hearing started today in regards to the deletions.

The allegations mind you were never charges and Julian has been detained illegally against 2 UN rulings about violating his rights for over 7 years because the US wants to extradite him.  There is no reason for the UK to arrest him now without a court case impending unless it is to send him here where he will be held indefinitely under the NDAA act of 2011.

If you have any questions regarding any smear campaigns and if the articles are true please feel free to contact me at  I will be happy to answer your questions. Thank you.wikileaks_large_by_bmmd-d37mr7a.png

Catalonia’s Government And Spain’s Illegal Detainment of Political Prisoners

In a true democracy, it is illegal to jail a political opponent.  Spain has chosen to show it’s lack of democracy by imprisoning those who have called for a referendum to free Catalonia. These political prisoners did nothing but ask for the Catalan people’s right to choose.  In response, Spain issued warrants for the top government officials to be arrested.  Is it right to arrest a political opponent for sedition?  Absolutely not.

The people of Catalonia voted on October 1st of this year for their independence against all odds. The police of Spain violently tried to stop the vote and hijacked many of the ballots. Even with the incredible brutality of the Spanish state against the Catalan people (mostly elderly people), they still succeeded in casting their votes and their President declared independence recently.

In response to their declaration of independence the Spanish officials have jailed to following political prisoners.iRufxK44.jpg

Many Spanish have declared their independence referendum illegal, but let’s put this in perspective.  Let’s go back to 1776, when the United States declared independence from England.  The forefathers felt that the English government was tyrannical and unfair just like Catalonia feels now.  Imagine if people like George Washington and John Hancock had been arrested without a proper trial and held indefinitely.  This is what Spain is doing now.  The difference is that the Catalan people have attempted to do this peacefully without war.

What is taking place in return is that the people of Catalonia are holding rallies against this is injustice.  DOYgudZW4AE4d79.jpgDOXmGxwWAAEB3hn.jpgDOXmCeqWAAAwQfQ.jpg

It will be interesting to see the response. They are still declaring Puigdemont their official president and the self-determination of the people is still clear.  They want to be free of the fascist Spanish government.  The Catalans are a peaceful people who want to be respected in the international community as a nation. The EU has shown it’s support of fascism and tyranny by siding with Spain.

Please take the time to show your support for the wonderful people of Catalonia by writing your leaders backing their independence.  This could be you.


WikiLeaks Verification and the Current Smear Campaign

Recently, a campaign has started smearing Julian Assange and Wikileaks accusing them of doctoring the Podesta and DNC emails.  This is untrue.  I am here to explain to you why and how they verify their sources as well as the documentation themselves.  Whenever the truth comes out about political parties they resort to trying to discredit sources that exposed their corruption.  This is what the MSM is currently doing to Wikileaks.  Once again, I repeat, there is absolutely no truth to their campaign.170106100659-wikileaks-logo-card-image-large-169.jpg

Wikileaks uses an email verification system called DKIM or Domain Keys Identified Mail, was used to verify emails from Podesta, the DNC, as well as Hillary Clinton. It is a highly regarded, sophisticated technological system.  According to wikileaks verification page:

DKIM was developed and is widely deployed as an email server anti-spam mechanism, including on and DKIM-enabled mail servers cryptographically sign the emails they relay so that the recipients’ mail servers can authenticate them. DKIM has the beneficial side-effect of causing messages to become “cryptographically non-repudiable”; that is after the email has been sent, the sender cannot credibly repudiate the message and say that it is a forgery. A DKIM mail server creates a cryptographically strong proof attesting to the authenticity of the email, which it adds to each of the headers of each email it sends. This cryptographic proof can then be tested by anyone who obtains a copy of the email.”

In other words, these emails are verified and were not doctored.  The only time WikiLeaks edits a document is for safety purposes such as the possibility of harm to an individual. In fact, WikiLeaks has a security measure to secure its anonymous sources and protect them as well.

Other documents are verified and are tested for their accuracy through technological means as well as the old-fashioned way by having journalists interview victims and go through files such as in the case of the Collateral Murder Video.  According to WikiLeaks About Page :

“We use traditional investigative journalism techniques as well as more modern technology-based methods. Typically we will do a forensic analysis of the document, determine the cost of forgery, means, motive, opportunity, the claims of the apparent authoring organization, and answer a set of other detailed questions about the document. We may also seek external verification of the document.”

Another current smear is that Wikileaks is an intelligence agency and Russian disinformation organization. Again, this is an attempt to discredit information Wikileaks and Julian Assange has released to the public. This has been going on since their very first release and is a blatant falsehood.

The definition of an intelligence agency according to Oxford dictionaries site is as follows:

A government department involved in the gathering of military or political information, especially in the interests of national security.

Wikileaks has no affiliation with any government or it’s agencies.  They are simply a publishing service that specifically releases leaked material.  The documents are never hacked by WikiLeaks employees but are instead sent to them through secure venues such as Tor.  Anything else you read about them should be vetted for accuracy through the WikiLeaks website In fact, you should always vet anything you read online and verify the source of the information you are receiving for truth.

Also keep in mind, that in the 11 years WikiLeaks has existed they have never had to retract a story and have won all court cases that have challenged the authenticity of their documentation. wikileaks_large_by_bmmd-d37mr7a.png


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask or contact me at and I will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.


A Letter Regarding Catalonia to President Trump

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing to you in regards to the distressingly bad situation in Spain regarding Catalonia.  I find it very upsetting to see the oppression and sheer terrorism this country’s government is placing on its own Catalan people.  It is unacceptable for a government to repeatedly deny the right of people to self-determination while decrying any attempt to express this right as ‘illegal’, barring those who pursue independence from running for public office and locking them up for 15-30 years. Think if this were happening in the United States!  Would we jail people in California seeking #Calexit?  Jail their rulers for sedition?

The people of Catalonia held a non-binding referendum in 2014 (which passed with over 80%, although also labeled ‘illegal’ and with lower participation), then voted in a parliament with a majority of independence advocates in 2015, and voted again for independence in this latest referendum, with over 90% in favor of independence. Yes, the turnout was 43%, but what threshold would make everyone happy and the referendum ‘legitimate’? 50%? 60%? 70%? The Brexit referendum had registered turnout of 72%. Even if the registered turnout of the Catalan referendum had been 75%, and every single one of the extra votes had been valid and against independence, that would have brought the result to 51% for independence and 47% against, roughly the same result of the Brexit referendum. And the Catalan referendum result is despite violence and intimidating policing tactics trying to prevent the vote, which some suggest prevented anywhere from 5-15% of eligible voters from casting votes in favor of independence.

Remember your own election and how the left has opposed your Presidency to the point of violence?  This is no different except it is the government doing this to its own people.  Simply put, Spain has become fascist and very much resembles pre-Nazi Germany when Hitler had the brown coats imprison and murder political opposition.  Our own declaration of independence was taken by sheer violence, yet the Catalan people have tried to do this in a peaceful legal matter.

In regards to Venezuela, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) recently denounced Venezuela’s prohibition of public gatherings and suppression of journalism, calling on the State to adhere to its international human rights obligations. However, the same thing is happening in Spain as we speak.  They are limiting internet access and any media regarding Catalonia is being censored. How can we, as a free country and a defender of democracy allow this to continue? Simply put we cannot.

Madrid should have followed David Cameron’s example in allowing referendums and particularly in how the Scottish referendum was carried out (although I disagree with the determination of the eligible electorate). However, Madrid has repeatedly refused to grant the Catalans their universal right of self-determination which is enshrined in international law. The refusal to grant a referendum is itself illegal and in violation of multiple international conventions, including the United Nations Charter; the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all of which were ratified decades ago.

On October 1st, the people of Catalonia voted on the referendum to free themselves of the tyrannical government of Spain. Spain in return sent policia to try to stop the vote. They seized ballots and committed violence against the people. Dressed in riot gear, nearly 900 people were hurt who just wanted to vote.  Please see the following links that include picture and videos of this violence. First set of pictures

2nd set


A direct quote from a Catalan person I recently interviewed:

Europe closed its eyes to the brutality exerted by the Spanish government and its police against the Catalans. Europe today closes them again before the judicial resolutions that have taken the government of the Generalitat to prison. Europe does not want to know anything about its Catalan citizens, nor about its government, nor about its rights. While Europe closes its eyes, in Spain the police allow the violence of the neo-Nazis in the streets of Barcelona. The Catalan people lost their freedoms and their rights in 1714 because Austria, England, and the Netherlands abandoned it in the war of succession and France supported Spain. Europe continues to be silent about the excesses of Spanish politics, the corruption of its government and politicized justice.

The European Union asked us to dialogue with the Spanish government. The government threatened us to intervene the Generalitat and the public media. Europe was silent. The president Puigdemont wanted to dialogue, retiring and calling new elections, but the Spanish government did not accept it and continues to threaten Catalonia. There are two sole responsible for this situation: Europe, which shows that it sees nothing and Spain, which moves the hatred towards the Catalans.”

Please, I beg you as a concerned US citizen, help right this situation in Catalonia.  Speak with President Rajoy and stop the oppression of these wonderful, peaceful people who only want freedom.

Thank you a concerned citizen


Beware of Fake Anonymous Accounts and the #MillionMaskMarch

Have you recently come across an Anonymous account on a social media outlet that seems bogus or seems to spread fake news?  Beware!  Anyone can call themselves that and be misleading! Carefully vet the account you are reading. They often spread fake propaganda and fake news hoping to mislead the general public.  Of course, there are genuine Anonymous accounts but many are just average citizens looking for five minutes of fame or could even be an FBI or CIA agent.


Recently, November 5th was declared the #MillionMaskMarch calling for people to march with their masks. If you choose to do so be careful as you do not know who you are dealing with. After all, they are wearing masks! Many are choosing to march to #FreeAssange and I am here to promote that as well.

After all if anyone reminds me of Guy Fawkes in the movie it would be Julian Assange.  Persecuted for bringing the truth to the public, detained in an Embassy for 7 years without charges and wanted by the US government for exposing corruption, this man is the epitome of Fawkes.  To key a phrase #IamJulianAssange

Wikileaks and Julian are constantly barraged with media smears and accusations of false documentation.  However, when this is debunked, most resort to calling it “old news” and try to dismiss it. In 11 years of existence, they have never had to retract a single story or document as false because they vet everything they publish.  They have won every court case challenging the information they release as well. No mainstream media source can truthfully claim the same thing. Isn’t it time we stood up for the truth and for real “anonymous” sources like those that leak to WikiLeaks?DCkvVAiVoAA3AWp

Quite often, supporters tangle with these counterfeit Anon accounts and political trolls who use the name to smear those they hate.  Some are agents of the federal governments trying to spread lies and others are just people who have nothing better to do but sit on their computers and attack others for fun.  Just remember, just because someone said it, doesn’t make it fact.  Check out their sources, check them out and believe nothing you hear until it’s proven. This also includes mainstream media sources as often times they are spreading propaganda and lies as well…

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