Things We Now Know Since Assange’s Arrest

  1. The United States government and the United Kingdom have absolutely no respect for international laws. The U.N. continues to rule in Assange’s favor to no avail.
  2. Both governments couldn’t care less about rights as an individual. Between the torture through solitary confinement, the illegal seizure of Assange’s property and his lack of healthcare, we know they don’t give a damn about us.
  3. If you commit a war crime, don’t worry, Trump will pardon you. If you expose the war crimes, you will be indicted under an antiquated espionage law that can carry the death penalty.
  4. If you refuse to testify against a publisher before a grand jury and have already served time as a whistleblower, you not only forfeit your freedom but get fined enough to starve to death. Ask Chelsea Manning.
  5. Don’t worry, you won’t get a fair trial in either country. The judicial systems are corrupt and biased.
  6. Anything you did while seeking refuge in a foreign embassy will filmed, taped and extorted. Also used to try to make you look bad.
  7. MSM will smear your character until they realize they are just as screwed as you.
  8. If they can’t get you for espionage, they will have another country file allegations against you for sexual misconduct even though you are innocent and have already had the charges dismissed twice.
  9. Already prepared your defense? They will steal the files, along with your electronics and your manuscripts to use against you.
  10. Don’t try and seek asylum, the U.S. will just buy you from that country even if it costs tax payers 4.6 billion dollars. (By the way, if nothing else, U.S. citizens should be outraged that we gave them a loan this big in return for a publisher).
  11. If you expose a DNC candidate in the Presidential election, you will be called a Russian operative and a “hostile nonstate intelligence agency” and a “hi-tech terrorist” by pompous asses in the bureaucracy.
  12. Don’t offer to testify. The FBI will block your chance.
  13. When they come to arrest you, the British police will treat you brutally and most likely leave marks.
  14. Don’t plan on visitors in prison, or books or any kind of computer access. Oh, and plan on spending your time with the most extremely violent criminals in the U.K. because you will be detained at Britain’s Gitmo.
  15. Have children? Forget seeing them. They don’t give two nickels about their well being and if they do, it’s to use them against you.
  16. Your home country? Forget about it. They will not protect you because they are too terrified to stand up to the bully.
  17. Your voice has now been silenced. The only chance you have is the public. Most of which are brainwashed or don’t give a shit as long as they think it doesn’t affect them.

We now know if we stand up against injustice, the same will happen to us. The U.S. government could care less about it’s Constitution or your rights and the U.K. is in bed with them. The British government is like the obedient wife that rarely talks back for fear of losing her husband’s love. Beware folks! We are living in “1984”.

4 thoughts on “Things We Now Know Since Assange’s Arrest

  1. Heather burns

    Wow you covered the lot 100percent well done i totally support everything you mentioned we have to save dear julian he is a true soul


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