What is Anti-Fa really?

This may bring some hate down on my head but I am sick of this group promoting hatred and fear.  This group of individuals claim to be anti-fascist but the reality is they are no different than Hitler’s brown coats. They are violent and show up at rallies to promote their hate and hope to bring fear to anyone who supports Trump.  According to wikipedia:

Unlike the traditional left, the ambit of self-described antifa groups is to “oppose” fascism in direct action. These groups are usually anti-government and anti-capitalist, and their methodologies and tactics are more aggressively violent and anarchistic than those of associated groups in the far left.

Antifa groups are known for militant protest tactics, including property damage and physical violence. IN actuality, this group focuses more on violence towards the right than they do on Democrat policies.  Often dressed in black gear and masks, they remind me more of ISIS than protestors. Recently a petition has been circling to declare Antifa a terrorist organization due to it’s horrible tactics.  Here are a few pictures I have collected of their savage behavior.

Antifa.jpgimages (4).jpgGettyImages-52039644-1020x664.jpgimages (3).jpg

Today, August22nd, 2017, they showed up at the Trump rally in Arizona with AR15 rifles.  They claim to be against hate, homophobes, misogynists, etc. but truthfully these people want to bring America down to it’s knees.  They are pulling down historic statues, groups of them are attacking lone Trump supporters, and trying to take over completely by violence.  It is time the US government sends in the National Guard and gets control of this situation before it’s too late.  Many are calling for the assassination of our President.

Antifa protesters participated in the 2017 Berkeley protests where they gained mainstream media attention, “throwing Molotov cocktails and smashing windows. They are screaming to kill police officers, throwing feces and urine at the police and people on the right and they have used molotov cocktails, and thrown rocks. They often come to protest pro Trump rallies with ball bats and other weapons. This group is highly dangerous and should never be approached.

Here is the ongoing to petition to declare them a terrorist organization:

Declare antifa a terrorist organization

Just click on the blue link and sign.

Something must be done about these terrorists before it’s too late.


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