Ode to Julian

Though you cannot see it, you are our sun

you are the light in the darkness, the bearer of truth

Hidden behind walls, you cannot hide the light

that comes from within, it is too bright

Exposing the evil, they tried to remove you

Yet here you stand, doing what you do

A man for peace and honesty

is a hard find, what a travesty

Even more so that they have tried to bury

the very truth you do carry

A warrior of info, a hero inside

yet they know you never lied

5 years of asylum, that shouldn’t be

but one day we will set you free

keep the faith, continue to fight

show the world what is right

and know those that love you

are ever by your side

we love you Julian

and we’re along for the ride

Days turn to nights, darkness you will no longer see

watch as your angels help set you free—-



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