What is the G20 Summit: And Why We Should Oppose It

In 2008, 20 leaders met to discuss the economic crisis facing the world. They have met 11 times since then and only recently has it become a meeting for world governance.  What does that mean to you the individual? Globalism.  A possible world wide government.  Why is that a bad thing? Imagine Big Brother from “1984” on a global scale. A government that controls the world. Scary, right?

If you are a Bible believing Christian, you know this government was prophesied in the Bible and will be during the end times, during the tribulation. Globalism would limit freedoms, rights and life in general. The Illuminati and Bildebergs would love to see this happen. They want to limit the population and have more control.

Being an informal forum, the G20 possesses no executive powers, nor are its decisions binding. All decisions need to be taken by consensus. However, this could easily change.

“According to the Pittsburgh Framework, the G20 shall in addition to coordinating fiscal and monetary policies deal with financial supervision including macro prudential and regulatory policies, trade and investment, structural reforms, anti-corruption, and balanced and sustainable economic development.” (This is a quote from this site:



This year, the likely dominating subject will probably be Climate Change. Pressure will probably be put on Trump about the Paris Climate Agreement that the US has bowed out of. The reason that the PCA is a bad deal for the US is that it redistributes American wealth to foreign countries and would be the beginning of the end for us as a leading economic country.

The leaders of these 20 countries account for 85% of the world population. However, expect to see many meetings between Trump and Merkel as the globalist German leader says that the “US can no longer be counted on.”  Obviously because she is angry we have decided to make America First and not bail her ass out anymore. Merkel has welcomed more than a million migrants to Germany, primarily from Isis war zones, while in the US, Trump has sought to impose a ban on all Muslim immigration.From what we have seen of Trump so far, she will not be able to change his mind. In fact, I see him changing hers first.

The G20 summit is also likely to discuss the war in Syria and ending the extremist attacks as well as technology to limit attacks. President Trump will meet Vladmir Putin for the first time at the summit as well and should be an interesting meeting. Another discussion at this year’s forum will be free trade which is also a globalist idea.

Julian Assange of wikileaks will speak as well as Yanis Varoufakis who is an economist. I expect Julian will speak about cyber war and the threat to humanity by digital super states as stated on his twitter account. Both of these speeches should be interesting to say the least.

In conclusion, the G20 seems to be a giant meeting of super powers where nothing much is accomplished but hot air and hopes for a globalist tomorrow by leaders who support it.



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