Wikileaks DNC Emails Tie Trump to Jeff Epstein

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Many are saying there are no ties between President Donald Trump and Jeff Epstein who recently was arrested for sex trafficking of minors.  Billionaire Jeff Epstein had previously served 13 months for soliciting a minor for sex and had to register as sex offender in 2006.  In searching Wikileaks millions of files, I found this in a DNC email dated  5/19/16.  (The email can be found  here).

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Trump Was Friends With Finance Mogul Jeffrey Epstein, Who Was Arrested In 2006 For Soliciting Paid Sex With A Minor. “One subject on the mind of Trump’s advisers was Jeffrey Epstein, the finance mogul who was arrested in 2006 and subsequently pled guilty to having solicited paid sex with a minor. He ultimately served 13 months in prison and had to register as a sex offender. (Several years ago, alleged Epstein victims filed a lawsuit against the US government claiming Epstein received too sweet a plea bargain.) Trump’s advisers didn’t know of anything in particular to worry about. But they knew that Trump had been linked to his fellow Palm Beach resident. In 2002, Trump had said of Epstein, ‘I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it-Jeffrey enjoys his social life.’ Epstein had occasionally visited Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s estate and club down the road from Epstein’s mansion. Trump also had flown on Epstein’s plane and had dined at his house. And Virginia Roberts, an alleged Epstein victim who tried to join the civil lawsuit, maintaining that Epstein kept her as a sex slave for several years when she was a teenager, was working at Mar-a-Lago as a changing room assistant when she was recruited, at age 15, to be a masseuse for Epstein.

002: Trump Called Jeffrey Epstein A “Terrific Guy” And Said “He’s A Lot Of Fun To Be With. It Is Even Said That He Likes Beautiful Women As Much As I Do, And Many Of Them Are On The Younger Side. No Doubt About It — Jeffrey Enjoys His Social Life.” “Epstein likes to tell people that he’s a loner, a man who’s never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. ‘I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,’ Trump booms from a speakerphone. ‘He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.'” [New York Magazine, 10/28/02<>%5D

So for those of you who believe Donald Trump never flew on Epstein’s plane or had anything to do with him, Trump himself stated he had been friends with him for 15 years and compared Epstein to himself in his taste for women.  Secondly,  Virginia Roberts who claimed Epstein kept her as a sex slave for several years was working at Mar-a-Lago as changing room assistant when Epstein recruited her at age 15 as a masseuse.

Keep in mind, that no one has ever claimed any of Wikileaks documents are not valid and they have won every court case contesting the validity of their documentation.  You can protest the facts all you want but there may be much more to this than just meets the eye.

Not to mention this mention in the same DNC email about Trump and Women:

Miss New Hampshire 2000 Likened Trump To A “Creepy Uncle” And Recalled A “Time That He Walked Through The Dressing Rooms Was Really Shocking. We Were All Naked.” “The pageant world, a heady mixture of business and beauty, was one place where Trump dealt with women, many of whom desperately wanted to win a crown. This winter, we spoke to more than a dozen former contestants and several former staffers, and we read hundreds of pages of legal documents. That dive into the pageant world didn’t produce the sort of clear picture that either Trump or his enemies would like to project. Many women, including several who say they are disgusted with Trump’s campaign rhetoric, said their experiences were positive; they said they were treated professionally and with respect… Bridget Sullivan, 35, mother and model, Miss New Hampshire 2000, first runner-up Miss USA. She said that while the staff of Miss Universe was great overall, she found Donald Trump unsettling. When she first met him at a party in New York held to promote the contest, ‘he’d hug you just a little low on your back,’ she said, and give you ‘a squeeze that your creepy uncle would.’ While preparing for the national broadcast in 2000, Trump came backstage to wish the contestants good luck, even though many of the women weren’t dressed. ‘The time that he walked through the dressing rooms was really shocking. We were all naked,’ Sullivan said. We spoke with four other contestants from that year, none of whom remembered Trump walking through the dressing room when contestants were naked.” [BuzzFeed, 5/18/16<>%5D

I find it difficult to believe Trump did not at least have knowledge of Epstein’s child trafficking ring.  Perhaps, he did boot him from Mar-a-Lago, but he never exposed him either.  Just as he still hasn’t arrested former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who was also friends with Trump before his vie for the presidency.  Needless to say, this email is rather interesting to read if you have doubts about Trump.

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