Unity Is Absolutely Necessary In The Fight to Free Assange

Over and over again I see so much division among Assange supporters. Whether it is politically motivated, a simple misunderstanding or whatever the reason is, it has to stop.

Julian Assange himself stated the following in regards to freeing him:

“There is unity in the oppression. There must be absolute unity and determination in the response.”

We have to put aside our disagreements, our differing views and stop allowing ourselves to fall for the divide and conquer strategy of the government operatives. Whether they are part of us or not does not matter.

This image was originally tweeted by Assange himself when he was still online. The Twitter account was turned over to the Defend Assange legal campaign after he was silenced.

Even if you suspect someone is a government operative, let them be. As Assange stated above, they are still putting light on his plight. Blocking someone who is doing a good job supporting Assange but may be doing it for the wrong reasons is another No No. If they are avidly supporting him, it doesn’t matter what their reasons are, they are aiding in our campaign. If they are drawing attention to the persecution, don’t distract them with divisiveness. It is a good way to drive them away from the cause. Julian needs all of us.

We need a mass movement to see him free. We need every single person we can get to call for his freedom and to fight his extradition. We cannot afford to lose a single person. We are fighting a super power for a man’s life. We are fighting against possibly the strongest nation in the world and yet we take the time out to fight with one another over small idiosyncrasies. We attack one another without thinking about the consequences. We blacklist supporters, we block them and by doing so, we are only hurting Assange. If we care about Julian, this must end now.

We do not have the time or resources to let this continue! Assange is deterioriating quickly in prison. We must raise the sword of truth and free him now before it is too late.

“Divide and Conquer” has a long history of destroying movements.

From my article why Unity is Necessary to Free Assange

This is also working in the movement to Free Julian Assange. Government Operatives posing as activists start with dropping seeds of doubt and pushing an agenda against what they call the “opposition.” The opposition being people from what they call the “other side” or different political parties. They use familiar terms to put them down which causes a break in forces. Suddenly the movement is divided in half and its strength is half of what it once was. Remember the old adage “There is strength in numbers.” In this battle against the powers that be, it is more than true.

The point is by arguing and fighting, we lose sight of our goal. It creates a distraction from the real work we are doing and need to get done. We must unite to win this fight! We must free Assange! Together! United!

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