How the US Government and the Media Succeeded in their Smear Campaign Against Assange

The smear campaign against Assange was never very successful until 2016. I want to explain how they managed to destroy a lot of support for Wikileaks and Assange but first I need to tell you what a government gray psyop is. In an article I wrote last year titled “what Is A Government Gray PsyOp” l explain in detail what it is and how the US government uses it.

First of all, the definition of PsyOp (which literally stands for psychological operation or psychological warfare), is basically a way to influence someone else’s behavior, emotions, thought processes and objective reasoning.

I was hoping by educating the public that they would better understand how the US government was using the media and something called Q Anon to infiltrate right wing support and make them passive and complacent in regard to Assange’s predicament.No one bit or they argued with me. Many have become so brainwashed they can’t see the truth even after the Wikileaks’ founder was arrested and an inmediate extradition warrant was issued. They still think Trump will save him after he gives the information they want from him.

What I can tell you is any information Assange wanted people to know he has already given you. He has never revealed a source. He protects those as best he can who has given him information. If they want information from him, they may never get it even through torture. Even if he does release anything, the US government will “redact” it and he knows this.

Next, the media painted Assange as a right wing Trump supporter over the release of the DNC emails and the Podesta emails. This worked to do 2 things. First, they enabled the right wing supporters to believe Trump would ultimately be Assange’s savior and they turned the left wing against him.If anyone followed Wikileaks at all prior to the 2016 election, they would know Assange disliked both candidates as he is quoted to say when asked which candidate he would prefer:

“It’s like choosing between cholera and gonorrhea, you don’t want either one.”

Julian Assange never once promoted a candidate. He knew there was plenty of dirt on both. He explained in an interview that no one had given him anything on Trump and that most of it was already out there. If you do look, Trump’s business dealings prior to the election weren’t always the best.Here is a quote from Caitlin Johnstone @caitoz that I completely stand behind 100%:Trump’s own spokesperson Sarah Sanders has stated that Trump has been harder on Wikileaks and Assange than any other President. That alone tells me he wants the extradition to be as harsh as possible for the journalist. (Please read How I Lost My Respect For Trump to see more quotes. To see how the Trump administration was responsible for the arrest of Assange read this.)By using psychological warfare and propaganda, the US government has managed to literally debilitate the movement to Free Assange when he needs it the most. Stop falling for the lies and smears and stand up for your rights! Don’t assume anything! Fight to save Assange!

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