Catalonia’s Government And Spain’s Illegal Detainment of Political Prisoners

In a true democracy, it is illegal to jail a political opponent.  Spain has chosen to show it’s lack of democracy by imprisoning those who have called for a referendum to free Catalonia. These political prisoners did nothing but ask for the Catalan people’s right to choose.  In response, Spain issued warrants for the top government officials to be arrested.  Is it right to arrest a political opponent for sedition?  Absolutely not.

The people of Catalonia voted on October 1st of this year for their independence against all odds. The police of Spain violently tried to stop the vote and hijacked many of the ballots. Even with the incredible brutality of the Spanish state against the Catalan people (mostly elderly people), they still succeeded in casting their votes and their President declared independence recently.

In response to their declaration of independence the Spanish officials have jailed to following political prisoners.iRufxK44.jpg

Many Spanish have declared their independence referendum illegal, but let’s put this in perspective.  Let’s go back to 1776, when the United States declared independence from England.  The forefathers felt that the English government was tyrannical and unfair just like Catalonia feels now.  Imagine if people like George Washington and John Hancock had been arrested without a proper trial and held indefinitely.  This is what Spain is doing now.  The difference is that the Catalan people have attempted to do this peacefully without war.

What is taking place in return is that the people of Catalonia are holding rallies against this is injustice.  DOYgudZW4AE4d79.jpgDOXmGxwWAAEB3hn.jpgDOXmCeqWAAAwQfQ.jpg

It will be interesting to see the response. They are still declaring Puigdemont their official president and the self-determination of the people is still clear.  They want to be free of the fascist Spanish government.  The Catalans are a peaceful people who want to be respected in the international community as a nation. The EU has shown it’s support of fascism and tyranny by siding with Spain.

Please take the time to show your support for the wonderful people of Catalonia by writing your leaders backing their independence.  This could be you.


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