Why We MUST Fight Section 623 of the Intel Act of 2018

This isn’t just about silencing Wikileaks or Julian Assange.  This is so much bigger than that and no one realizes what it truly is. This is about limiting our rights to the news or violation our right to free press.  This has never been about the leaks or whistle blowers.  This has always pertained to limiting our ability to the truth about our government.  If we allow this Section to pass into law, there are a number of consequences.

  1. Anyone who supports Wikileaks or Julian could be arrested as aiding the enemy because the wording “hostile intelligence agency” is the same as calling them terrorists.
  2. Other media organizations will soon be targeted limiting our ability even more to know the truth about our corrupt government.
  3. Silencing Wikileaks would also make whistle blowers less likely to come forth with the truth because of fear of the consequences.

Do you see now why this Section is totally unconstitutional?  We get the government we deserve when we don’t fight for our basic rights.  Stand up against government tyranny and violations of our Constitution now before it’s too late!

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