Rand Paul Sits Down on the Defense Bill

Tonight Senator Rand Paul fought for the soldiers who died in Afghanistan by refusing to allow them to put off the vote on the Defense Bill. In tweets on Twitter tonight he posted an article on why we must repeal the 16 year old act and stated it was time for lawmakers to take their own jobs as seriously as those who risk their lives serving our country.images (6).jpg

Senator Rand Paul states that he is seeking an amendment to end the AUMF in Afghanistan and Iraq and he will object to all amendments and motions until his amendment is made an order and they vote on the Middle East wars.  Rand Paul is protesting for the thousands of lives lost due to these wars.  After a sixteen year occupation of Afghanistan it is time we remove troops and realize that this is just another Viet Nam.

The war in Afghanistan was a result of the attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon on 9/11 sixteen years ago.  Since then, we have killed the culprit who was responsible for the attacks and have 5 of the men who planned at Gitmo.  So why are we still there? President Trump wants to send in 2000 more men to finish it but how will that accomplish anything? What are we even trying to do there after 16 years?

Afghanistan and Iraq both have been a useless effort that has cost too many American lives and the US occupation of both lands must end soon. A total of 4486 soldiers have died in Iraq and another 2345 in Afghanistan with a cost to taxpayers of over 6 trillion dollars.  This is a waste of life and money. 6 trillion dollars is almost 1/3 of what we owe in national debt! What have we truly gained from these wars other than heartache and an empty wallet?

For many of those who were lucky enough to not die in these wars, the fatigue of combat has scarred them for the rest of their adult lives with PTSD. Many of these soldiers have been deployed over and over again to experience the trauma like a broken record.  These men and women will never be the same and find it difficult to fit back into civilian life.  Their nights are filled with nightmares and their days filled with depression.

What the soldiers found in these two countries wasn’t what they probably expected. Mostly these two countries are considered third world and they live in poverty without electricity, clean water or food. Lack of communication skills between the US troops and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan often led to tragic endings and lives lost over not being able to understand one another. Memories of combat plague these soldiers and our country wants it to continue. Why?

Why does the United States feel it has to police everyone worldwide? Why does the CIA and the Department of Defense insist on interfering? The answer is simple.  Oil and money or should I say greed is often a decision maker for those who have never served.  Pipelines and the Almighty Dollar influence international policy by lawmakers.  Who stands up to this?

Only Senator Paul will do anything about this and I say he is a hero and extremely motivated to make change unlike the others voted for in our Congress.

It is time for a change and for Senators and Representatives to do their jobs.  There is no ifs ands or buts.  If they do not change their ways, they will be voted out in 2018.

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