Climate Change: Real or a Conspiracy Theory

Scientists are divided on this very controversial subject.  Some say it is real and caused by humans and others say it is natural.  Today the NY Times released a report on a supposed leaked document stating that the average weather temp has raised 5 degrees in the last 50 years.  They do not have supported evidence of this and never checked with the government and verified it was real. Here is what Wikileaks released as the full document leaked from NOAA and NASA:DGstK4SXYAA640W

The question is if this is an actual document or is it faked as we know the NY Times has published counterfeit documents before in order to vilify the Trump administration.  Several of the arguments I have read have stated that even with all the regulations put in place, it would only drop the temperature of the Earth by .01 degrees over a century.  Fact is, cows passing gas affects the greenhouse gasses we produce. So are we to rid the world of all animals that pass large amounts of methane?World-Chaos

Yes, we need to get pollution under control, recycle when we can, car pool or use public transport when possible but is there anything we can really do that will affect this outcome?  As our population booms and more and more resources are needed is climate change inevitable?  Over the years that the planet has been here, the climate has changed dramatically over time several times. Are we the cause or is this just normal as our sun ages and our planet ages with it?

Is it possible for humans to change what is already happening?

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NY Times article on climate change

Article on why not to believe Climate Change

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