The Drastic Change in Feminism

What do you picture when you think of women fighting for their rights?  Do you think of the early days when women were forced to wear skirts and weren’t allowed to vote? Or how about women weren’t allowed to be in the work force?  Do you think of Islam?  Things have changed so drastically even in my life time that is scary. I remember as a child when women refused to wear bras in support of their own rebellion against the last generation. What changed?

New millenials run around in pussy hats and pussy costumes complaining about their rights. I don’t think they have a clue what not having rights is like or they wouldn’t be supporting Sharia Law at the same time. Sharia Law advocates that a woman is worth half what a man is.  It also forces women into a subservient life style.  So where did this craziness come from?

Women’s Rights have always been a liberal idea.  Liberalism has gone AWOL recently and become the party of globalism, socialism and for some reason, Muslims.  Brainwashing in schools to follow a liberal agenda has begun and is continuing.  Kids are taught that the family is no longer an accepted thing.  They are taught that Islam is a good peaceful religion and that socialism is the answer to our problems.  This has changed the mindset of feminism radically in a bad way.

If you are fighting for women’s rights why would you wear a burqa?  A burqa is the number one anti-woman thing I can think of. It speaks of supression of rights and servitude.  Why would you support a culture that all but hates women?  Why would you advocate for that culture to become part or ours?

People like Cher and Madonna scream violence and hatred and these rallies. If you are a Conservative, they chase you off.  Feminism has become an ally of women’s suppression.  There is a deep hatred growing around the world and it is eating way at normal society.  It is telling us to not think for ourselves. It is brainwashing the young to believe certain things and not question what they are being taught.  We are on in a sad state of affairs.

Women need to be educated on physical abuse and verbal abuse.  They need to see what happens to a woman who disobeys in the Middle East.  They need to understand the bruises and defeat those women suffer from.  Also, they need more schooling on what rights they are given so they respect them and appreciate them.  This is paramount to our society’s survival.

Teaching that the family unit is respectable and good is also important.  Women seem to think that being married is a horrible thing that will destroy their careers and lives, when it is actually a honorable part of being a woman.  WE need to do this now before it is too late!

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