Top 10 Signs You Are A NASCAR Fan

Top Ten Signs You are a NASCAR Fan

Top Ten

10. When stuck behind slow traffic you find yourself weaving back and forth to warm your tires.

9. You have ever been pulled over for going “4 wide” on a 3 lane highway.

8. You play the national anthem before driving to work.

7.When you hear a loud car start you find yourself screaming, “Gentleman, START YOUR ENGINES.”

6. The smell of racing fumes turns you on.

5. You have ever been in a fist fight with someone who says racing is not a sport.

4. Your car will no longer turn right.

3. When your spouse goes to pass another vehicle you scream, “GO HIGH GO HIGH”

2. You think Dale Earnhardt Jr. should run for President.

and the Number One sign you are a NASCAR fan is…

1. At the end of sex you wave the checkered flag while screaming “I WON I WON”

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