Christians vs. Christ: The Difference

The Difference Between Christians and Christ

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Ghandi once said that he liked our Christ and his teachings, but he did not like our Christians.  He said that our Christians are nothing like their Christ. 

Today’s Christians really are nothing like Christ, including myself.  How many of your commune with God at least an hour a day?  How many read your Bible more than once a day?  When you have a problem who is the first person you turn to?  When something good happens, like getting a job, or just simple things like you find a quarter on the ground, how many of you praise God?  How many of you worship God during a difficulty?

How many of us truly love our neighbors?  Can you recite the ten commandments?  How about ten Bible verses off the top of your head?

That is just the edge of all of this.  The fact is, we are so involved in our daily lives, our computers and our television programs we are no different than non-believers. Romans 12:2 says, “And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds. that you may prove what is good, and acceptable and the perfect will of God.”

I just want all of us who call ourselves Christians to take a moment and think about this verse.  Truly think about it.  Can people tell we are Christians by our actions? Are we truly of Christ if we act like the world?  This isn’t about going to church every Sunday or what people think.  It’s about our personal relationship with God our Father and Jesus our Saviour and friend.

Here is the true difference between Christians and Jesus.  If we, daily, did things to hurt a friend, ignored them, didn’t talk to them or spend time with them, how long would they put up with it?  How long would you call someone who did this to you your friend?  Jesus doesn’t care how long it takes to come back to Him, He is just glad we are back.

He was willing to die on the cross and suffer desperately that we might have forgiveness of sin.  He loves us more than we can possibly understand and yet we have trouble keeping on our eyes on Him.

Yes Ghandi was right.  Christians are nothing like their Christ….

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