Julian Assange Denied Bail In A Show Trial


25283580-8052523-image-a-4_1582826296452Julian Assange was denied bail in a court hearing on Tuesday even though he is in imminent danger due to the Coronavirus.  The ruling comes as no surprise as it was we expected from someone who is obviously on the U.S. government’s payroll.  Every ruling and statement by Vanessa Baraitser thus far has shown her inability to show compassion and justice towards Assange.  Her bias is evident in her terrible treatment of Assange in the courtroom and is a disgusting display of judiciary prejudice.

As Assange’s health has slowly deteriorated, it has become evident that the United Kingdom intends to either drive him to suicide or allow him to die from Covid-19 as 100 employees of Belmarsh are off sick due to the virus already.  Assange has a pre-existing lung condition that was brought up in Tuesday’s hearing making him extremely vulnerable to the virus.  It is obvious that this woman who calls herself a judge has no heart at all.

Vanessa Baraitser claimed that Belmarsh has safeguards in place to protect prisoners from this deadly pandemic.  My question is what are their safeguards?  Putting them in solitary confinement with no interaction at all?  That seems to be their answer for everything at Belmarsh.  To further torture an individual as they continue to do so to Assange.

The only people capable of fighting this are We the people.  The general public. Our governments want to destroy this publisher of truth.  They want to silence him and any voices that follow him.  They want complete control.  It is the average citizen who can change this situation, you and I, together.  We must fight this travesty of justice with everything we have.  Otherwise, Assange will simply die in prison.  They will continue to make him suffer until either his body or mind gives into their horrible treatment.

No man should have to suffer as he has.  No family should have to watch as he slowly dies in front of their eyes.  It is cruel and abominable.  No innocent man should have to go through what Assange has gone through for simply sharing the truth about criminal conduct in the public interest.  We must hold our governments accountable for their war crimes.  In order to do so, we need Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  Without them, we will lose our freedom.

Please join in the battle for true democracy and let your elected leaders know you want Assange free!

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