Assange’s Life is in Danger And it’s Up to You to Save It

Trump supporters and Q-cultists keep saying Assange is better off in the US. They want you to trust the plan and claim this is a chess strategy by Trump. They want you to sit back while a man is destroyed by the government and at the same time their 1st amendment rights are abolished. It’s like these people have government issued blinders. It is so obvious what is happening but instead thry choose to trust in a corrupt department of justice to do the right thing.

Then there are the Dems screaming he threw the election. They claim he is a Russian asset and not a journalist. They call him a hacker and claim he stole classified documents while their rights fly out the door. They can’t see past the media lies. Still butthurt because a criminal wasn’t elected President.

People if you do not like Assange that’s fine but this is way bigger than one man. It’s about the right to publish crimes that are hidden from the general public. It’s about our right to know as citizens of the free world. It’s about freedom in general. Without the first amendment, no rights exist. Without the ability to speak out against criminal activity, we become encaged.

Not only is it a matter of our right to know, but it’s about human rights. This man was illegally detained for 7 years under fake accusations for political reasons. In today’s world, if you want rid of an opponent you yell sexual accusations. Look at the media today, it’s full of women being paid for screaming harassment and rape.

This is also about war crimes being exposed by a whistleblower. I worked for a gun manufacturer. Every day it was continuously being beat into our head, “if you see something suspicious, report it!”

That’s what Manning did. First he went to his supervisors and was basically laughed at. When that didn’t work, he tried taking it to the American press. Then he turned to Wikileaks. Finally, someone listened.Assange published collateral murder like any good journalist would do. He did his job by asking Manning if there was more. Any good writer knows that the more evidence you have, the better the story. If you prosecute the press for this, you will never hear the truth again.

We need whistleblowers to expose crime. We need media that will publish it. When the Guardian published Snowden s leaks there was no repercussions. When the NY Times published Comey’s classified memos, there was no punishment. So why Assange and Wikileaks?

It’s because our government does not like it’s terrible secrets known. If we want our country back we have to fight this. His lawyers can’t do it. A few can’t do it. We need the masses. We need everyone to pick up the phone and call the Department of Justice, the Vice President and President Trump. We need to demand the extradition warrant be dropped and all charges must be removed. We do this for our rights. We do this for our country. We do this for our children. If you are in the UK, call Theresa May. Australians contact your MPs.

So put away your prejudices and your hatred and defend yourself!

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