Keep Fighting for Assange

In recent days, I have seen hatred and bitterness and have been brought to my knees by it.  I have seen those who say they stand for truth and justice wallow in their own judgement and deceit.  I have looked to those I called friend and have had them spit in my face in jealousy.  I have wanted to scream “You don’t know me!” and wanted to cry out all their offenses and yet I have stayed silent as a lamb goes to slaughter.

I have learned how people truly are and their jealousies and their sole desire to be part of the crowd.  I have seen those who want to be in the limelight bad enough to destroy anyone in the way.  I have seen lies and deceit and fake messages and those who call themselves the good guys be more evil than the bad.  I have had those who are guilty project their guilt on me and yet I have remained silent and called for unity.

My character has been torn apart by slander and libel and yes, even articles to try and ruin my name.  Yet, I will not back down and I will not stop.  There are things more important than popularity.  I stand by my principles and though you may tear who I am apart, I will stand for Assange until the bitter end.

I have made mistakes and said things out of pain that I shouldn’t. I have erred in my ways and have fallen many times but I will get back up and fight again. I apologize to those who feel I have wronged them.  I am sorry for any hurt I have caused but I will not bend and I will not break in supporting the truth.img_20181001_170556-265904602.jpg

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