Anonymous Takes Down the Minneapolis Police Website


In a show of its power and allegiance with the innocent who have been wrongfully murdered, Anonymous has taken down the Minneapolis Police website.  Anonymous is a worldwide group of people who stand together against wrongful doing and tyranny often with the use of technology.  Believing this is just a teaser of what is to come, they have once again showed their strength against the powerful who wish to divide us and conquer us.


The ongoing shout of Anons and their motto “We Are Legion! Expect Us!” will go down in history as the battle cry of the survivors of the hierarchy’s violence, (as the elite try to control the minions).  While protestors take to the street over the death of one of their own, murdered by police officers, Anonymous continues the fight on the web.  It is time to rise up and stand against the attacks on our freedom and against the oppression of our government and those who seek to destroy us.

Stand with Anonymous!


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