Julian Assange Is In the Worst Danger of His Life


He needs YOU!!!!

With the extradition warrant pending, his health waning and the Coronavirus knocking on his door in Belmarsh, Julian Assange faces the worst danger of his life.  With a previous lung condition hanging over his head, the possibility of getting COVID-19 is certain death.  The judge denied bail and showed her obvious prejudice towards Assange which of course, is part of the psychological torture to break him down both mentally and physically.  Making him feel hopeless is part of their scheme to destroy him.

The last two court hearings which were to decide whether to delay the extradition hearings until September 7th, Assange was too sick to appear via videolink.  Think how sick he must be inside that small cage he is dwelling in.  For a court and a prison to allow you to avoid court, you have to be immensely unwell.  This is a scary predicament for anyone who cares about this man as well as Julian himself.

Politicians are not going to help him, Trump or Johnson aren’t going to help they are too busy playing tiddlywinks with themselves to care.  Only the working class can save this journalist and hero now.  We can’t rely on celebrities to do it.  We can’t rely on the elite, they want him dead.  It is up to us the common man to save a fellow human from imminent death.

Assange needs us desperately!  We need to fight against the tyranny and battle for his rights and ours.  We can no longer remain complacent and silent.  We must stand up against those who seek to take away our right to liberty and justice before its too late.  Will you fight with us?

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