The Complete Silencing of Assange

Have you ever stopped to wonder why they really want Assange not only silenced but dead even?  He exposed war crimes like dozens of other journalists have done since the U.S. was founded, what is so different now?  What knowledge did Assange have in his cache to make the Trump administration go against the Constitution to silence him completely?  What is is about Assange that makes government officials shiver?

This question comes to my mind frequently.  I have pondered on long sleepless nights and at work when doing repetitive tasks.  The frequent thought that runs through my mind is because, in this digital age, everyone knows.  To President Trump, his popularity has always been based on social media and Assange’s on the internet.  People believe what Assange tells them because he backed it up with facts and documents.  Wikileaks millions of documents cannot be contested and when they have been,  Wikileaks always won in court.  Trump’s administration knew if Assange had anything on him, the majority would believe him or over Donald’s ass-backward excuses.  Trump’s advisors realized what would happen if Wikileaks released anything on the Don, it would be catastrophic.  So, what did they think Assange had in his possession to go so far as to bribe Ecuador so they could destroy him?

Yes, this question bothers me the most.  We all have our suspicions.  Every politician has skeletons in their closet and so do the Trumps. This had to be the cannonball to sink the ship, however.  Regardless, Assange has been too sick to even be videotaped for court appearances.  The Coronavirus is running rampant in Belmarsh, and his children are without a father and his fiance without a partner.  All because of the U.S. government being afraid of one man.

Think about that for a moment.  A giant superpower is afraid of the information that one man published.  One man and his Wikileaks colleagues caused massive fear in Washington D.C.  So much so that they literally waged war on this organization.  Yet, because the documents released told nothing but the truth, Wikileaks couldn’t be stopped.  Wikileaks itself is still operational even though their creator sits rotting in a prison cell.  You see, what the governments involved in this travesty forget is that the human spirit wants the truth.  They want knowledge and they want crimes to be held accounted for.  Someone will always release the facts and stand up for integrity and honesty.  Julian Assange just did it when people could see them limitlessly.

So while your governments require you to sit home in isolation, ask yourself two very important questions.  1. Why are they really destroying a hero named Julian? and 2. What are they up to behind our backs during this supposed pandemic?

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