Proof Assange Never Risked Lives But the Guardian Did


When Laura Poitras and her crew were filming their documentary “Risk,” I doubt they had any idea that they were filming the evidence that may very well save Julian Assange’s life. Even though she redid the film in attempt to make Assange look like a bad guy, the proof is still in there that he actually tried to save lives. Assange has been accused of recklessly risking lives by publishing U.S. cables given to him. In the following video, Sarah Harrison and Assange attempt to contact Hillary Clinton’s office after David Leigh, publisher of the Guardian, and Luke Harding also of the Guardian, published the password to the cables. Once Der Freitag announced they had the cables, Assange immediately placed an urgent call to the United States government as seen in the following video:

During the conversation with the State Department, Assange passes a note to Harrison when the person on the other end of the line does not take Harrison seriously. Pic seen below:


The U.S. prosecuting attorneys, in this case, insist Assange be extradited based on “endangering lives”, but they have no evidence of this. The prosecution has little to no evidence of any crime committed unless journalism and trying to save lives is a crime now.

According to the Canary, (article in entirety can be seen here):

In 2011 WikiLeaks also issued a statement about the phone call to the State Department:
Cliff Johnson (a legal advisor at the Department of State) spoke to Julian Assange for 75 minutes, but the State Department decided not to meet in person to receive further information, which could not, at that stage, be safely transmitted over the telephone.

Murray observed how the evidence submitted to the extradition hearing about that phone call to the State Department:
utterly undermined the US government’s case and proved bad faith in omitting extremely relevant fact.

But the controversy about the unredacted US cables and where blame lies doesn’t end there.

In 2011 Guardian journalists David Leigh and Luke Harding published a book, WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy. The book provided a passphrase to the unredacted US cables.

The passphrase Leigh and Harding disclosed featured prominently in a chapter heading of the book:


It’s worth mentioning that Harding was also co-author of a Guardian article that claimed Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, met with Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. In an exclusive, The Canary went on to report the claim that the story was false.


In response to our last article on the Assange extradition case, Leigh has insisted that allegations the defence had made against him at the extradition hearing in regard to the publication of the password were “complete invention”.

He told The Canary:

Unfortunately, the allegations you (quite accurately) report the defence making about

me are a complete invention. The Guardian put out a statement at the time explaining this. The hoax about the alleged effect of the “password” does not help Assange’s cause. Other media have run my or the Guardian’s statement. In fairness, maybe you should do the same?

The Guardianstatement he referred to was penned by former WikiLeaks journalist turned critic James Ball. It denied that Leigh and Harding bore any responsibility for the security breach:

It’s nonsense to suggest the Guardian’s WikiLeaks book has compromised security in any way. Our book about WikiLeaks was published last February. It contained a password, but no details of the location of the files, and we were told it was a temporary password which would expire and be deleted in a matter of hours.

It was a meaningless piece of information to anyone except the person(s) who created the database.

No concerns were expressed when the book was published and if anyone at WikiLeaks had thought this compromised security they have had seven months to remove the files. That they didn’t do so clearly shows the problem was not caused by the Guardian’s book.

Denial challenged

However, in a 25 February 2020 tweet WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson made it clear that he strongly disagreed with those claims:


Murray also observed that during the extradition hearing the defence:

described at great length the efforts of Wikileaks with media partners over more than a year to set up a massive redaction campaign on the cables. He explained that the unredacted cables only became available after Luke Harding and David Leigh of the Guardian published the password to the cache as the heading to Chapter XI of their book Wikileaks, published in February 2011.

The defence further pointed out that WikiLeaks had a comprehensive ‘harm mitigation program’, used to redact names from leaked documents prior to publication.

The question is, who should be on trial here? Evidence points to Luke Harding and David Leigh of the Guardian. Yet, the U.S. is going after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange with an iron fist and possibly the gallows. Why is the Guardian exempt from being charged? Could it be that they are on the government’s payroll like so many other publications?

Julian Assange showed the world that by thinking for yourself you can change it. Many governments view him and his followers as dissidents and threats. By silencing Assange, they think they can silence us all. However, many of us would rather die than let them destroy this man. Are you one of us?

The Truth About Anna Ardin, Assange’s Main Accuser


Upon reading the latest article regarding Anna Ardin, (Assange accuser), on, I made the decision to write yet another article including all the information I have found on the web regarding her person. It seems she has written an email to Nils Melzer, U.N. rapporteur on torture, on his response to the Swedish allegations. Here is the article in full:

In the above article, once again, Anna Ardin plays a victim:

She has never felt “so much abused” as by him, writes the Swede Anna A. in a dossier that she sent to Melzer’s office and which SPIEGEL could see. Melzer had spoken of manipulation by the Swedish investigators and claimed the invention of a “rape story”.

So he blames the victims, the woman writes; it was “a classic patriarchal technique to define the conditions for how ‘a real rape victim’ should behave”. It also accuses the lawyer of personally slandering her and, in part, spreading the untruth about the investigation, such as Assange’s willingness to testify about the incidents. This is “completely unacceptable, shocking and a reason to quit his job at the UN”.

Anna Ardin plays her part very well considering her obvious links to the CIA. In an article by Shadow Proof seen here, it shows how Ardin is linked to the American spy agency who also spied on Assange while in the Ecuador embassy.

In Cuba she interacted with the feminist anti-Castro group Las damas de blanco (the Ladies in White). This group receives US government funds and the convicted anti-communist terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is a friend and supporter. Wikipedia quotes Hebe de Bonafini, president of the Argentine Madres de Plaza de Mayo as saying that “the so-called Ladies in White defend the terrorism of the United States.”

Who is Luis Posada Carriles? He’s a mass murderer, and former CIA agent. . . .

Luis Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles (born February 15, 1928) (nicknamed Bambi by some Cuban exiles)[1] is a Cuban-born Venezuelan anti-communist extremist. A former Central Intelligence Agency agent,[2] Posada has been convicted in absentia of involvement in various terrorist attacks and plots in the Americas, including: involvement in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed seventy-three people;[3][4] admitted involvement in a string of bombings in 1997 targeting fashionable Cuban hotels and nightspots;[5][6][7] involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion; [and] involvement in the Iran-Contra affair…

Wait, this seemingly innocent woman from Sweden is linked to a terrorist?

Who is Julian Assange’s chief accuser in Sweden? She’s a gender equity officer at Uppsula University – who chose to associate with a US funded group openly supported by a convicted terrorist and mass murderer.

Anna Ardin is no victim but a plant to put Assange behind bars to see him extradited to the United States where he most likely will face the death penalty.

If that isn’t enough to make you raise your eyebrows, there is more. I am simply going to copy and paste my article from earlier in 2019.

How A Swedish Woman Took Revenge on Assange


Anna Ardin, one of the infamous women who accused Assange of sexual molestation,(who had in the past accused someone else of molestation as well) was seeking revenge for him dumping her. She then coerced Sofia Wilen to go to the cops with her over STD tests when in fact it was vengeance she sought and she definitely got it. How do I know?

Let me explain….Ardin at the time she accused Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, of sexual molestation, was well known as a faux feminist who believed men kept their dominance through sex. When she wrote this blog post, she also stated that she was thinking about getting revenge on someone. The article she wrote, titled “7 steps to Legal Revenge” I have shared below:

7 Steps to Legal Revenge by Anna Ardin
Step 1
Consider very carefully if you really must take revenge.
It is almost always better to forgive than to avenge . . .
Step 2
Think about why you want revenge. You need to be clear about who to take revenge on, as well as why. Revenge is never directed against only one person, but also the actions of the person.
Step 3
The principle of proportionality.
Remember that revenge will not only match the deed in size but also in nature.
A good revenge is linked to what has been done against you.
For example if you want revenge on someone who cheated or who dumped you, you should use a punishment with dating/sex/fidelity involved.
Step 4
Do a brainstorm of appropriate measures for the category of revenge you’re after. To continue the example above, you can sabotage your victim’s current relationship, such as getting his new partner to be unfaithful or ensure that he gets a madman after him.
Use your imagination!
Step 5
Figure out how you can systematically take revenge.
Send your victim a series of letters and photographs that make your victim’s new partner believe that you are still together which is better than to tell just one big lie on one single occasion
Step 6
Rank your systematic revenge schemes from low to high in terms of likely success, required input from you, and degree of satisfaction when you succeed.
The ideal, of course, is a revenge as strong as possible but this requires a lot of hard work and effort for it to turn out exactly as you want it to.
Step 7
Get to work.
And remember what your goals are while you are operating, ensure that your victim will suffer the same way as he made you suffer.

This particle blog post can be found in a book by Andrew Fowler as well, (seen here)It is obvious that Ardin felt cheated on when Assange went to have sex with Wilen. She felt he was hers. By coercing Wilen to go to the police she felt vindicated. She has gotten her legal revenge for him not making her number one. If you look at Step five, note she says get even with both the ex and the new girlfriend.Sofia Wilen bawled and felt railroaded when she found out they wanted to go after Assange for rape. She refused to sign the document accusing him of sucb but Sweden proceeded anyway.
This is how vicious she is in her mind. she was willing to lie and falsely accuse Assange (who by her own hypothesis, includes not just those who cheated on you but also includes those “who dumped you”). By Anna Ardin’s sense of “morality” it’s ok to ruin a guy’s life because you don’t like the fact he “broke up” with you, (even though he is guilty of nothing but moving on.)Also according to the article above citing Anna Ardin’s blog is this statement:

Essentially, what has emerged in the thread comments, especially on Sunday, is that the probable first complainant, Anna Ardin, posted a blog entry in January about the stages of revenge, and may have worked for a time, in an intern-like job, for the Swedish government in Washington DC and possibly elsewhere. Although the second of these is still up in the air she is an utterly fascinating and extremely complex person, to say the least.

Regardless of if she has any U.S. government connections, she certainly destroyed Assange’s life with her revenge plot. If Julian dies in jail, she has his blood on her hands. I hope she is satisfied.

The next point is if he’d sexually harassed her or raped her, why did she sleep in the same bed with him for 5 days after, continue to have sex with him, and throw him a party? Ardin makes real rape victims ashamed and belittles what has happened to us. As a former victim of rape, the use of sex to frame anyone is disgusting and a horrible way to hurt someone. It seems it is common for the United States government to use the term to destroy people. There are not enough words to describe how truly vile and evil it is to use the term so loosely.
Also, rape victims don’t need fake evidence or send our friends messages like, “I’m done with him, you can have him. Worse fu** ever ” Nice timing as Nils Melzer is going to talk to the Swiss gov’t about a humanitarian passport. Also Melzer did not belittle her in any way. He has been respectful and simply stated the facts.

Don’t forget Ardin claimed that Assange refused to wear a condom and then ripped it during sex, producing fake evidence. The condom she brought was certainly ripped but there was no DNA from either Assange or herself.

You can read Assange’s statement in regard to the allegations here.

Anna Ardin can continue to ramble about her being a victim all she wants, the facts state otherwise. If there were any victims in this case, it would be Assange. If Ardin would like to make a truthful statement, she can apologize to victims of actual rape and Assange himself for destroying a good part of his adult life and maybe even getting him martyred.

U.S. Will Add More Charges Upon Assange’s Extradition And More



Although the current charges against Assange do not carry the death penalty, the U.S. has stated more charges will be,added once Assange is extradited. If the possibility of the death penalty exists. according to the U.S./U.K. extradition treaty, the British cannot allow Assange to be sent to the U.S.

According to StateWatch, pdf. can be seen here:
Article 7 of the UK-US treaty covers the death penalty, stating that: “the executive authority may refuse extradition unless the Requesting State provides an assurance that the death penalty will not be imposed or, if imposed, will not be carried out”.

In an article by the Standard, (can be viewed here), the following statement appears:

If Assange is sent to the U.S. to face charges and receives the death penalty, no person will be safe from the tyrannical government. People worldwide will not only be silenced but live in fear.  The precedent set will enable the DOJ to extradite any individual who exposes criminal activity by the United States government.  This will include its own citizens as well as foreigners.

A new bill has been introduced in Congress to protect journalists and whistleblowers from the ancient Espionage Act, (article seen here), the question still arises whether it will pass in both the Senate and Congress.  It would be foolish on the part of elected officials not to pass it, but no one ever said politicians were wise.

The legislation to amend the 1917 Espionage Act was introduced by Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden in the Senate and California Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna in the House of Representatives. Wyden and Khanna told The Intercept they crafted the legislation to preserve the government’s need for secrecy while strengthening protections for members of the press and expanding legal channels for government whistleblowers.

“When I think about espionage, I’m thinking about somebody like Aldrich Ames,” Wyden said in an interview, referring to the CIA officer who passed secrets to the KGB before his arrest in 1994. “What my bill does is refocus the Espionage Act to the core issue, which is ensuring that the more than four million government employees and contractors with a security clearance don’t violate their oaths by divulging government secrets.”

In fact, I believe this is what the Espionage Act was intended to do, not be used against whistleblowers and journalists.  Using it for any other reason is corrupt and abuse of power by those involved.  Arresting journalists and whistleblowers for exposing criminal activity is against the Constitution.  U.S. citizens need to remind their government of this.

In other Assange case news, healthcare staff have not followed the duties they are assigned in the case of Julian.  Here is a copy of what is expected of them.


They have not reported the torture of Assange and have actually participated in it.  EST2lA4XcAAEH_S.png

Assange has been in solitary confinement for nearly all of his 10-month incarceration, with over 20 hours spent in his cell per day.  He has been hot-boxed, his legal papers confiscated, strip-searched, and who really knows what else during his detainment.  Yet it seems the only one who truly cares is Nils Melzer, the U.N. special rapporteur on torture.  He continues to advocate for Assange’s freedom yet is met with either silence or denial by the governments involved in this case.

A quote from Eva Joly from Twitter states:

“The trial of Julian Assange is the most important of this decade (….) Being able to publish what is of general interest, even the origin is illicit, is the very foundation of journalism. Power always seeks to hide. ” 

Judge Vanessa Baraitser, who is overseeing this case, seems to be promoting the torture of Assange, rather than doing anything judicially to stop it.  By keeping Assange isolated and unable to communicate with his lawyers confidentially, due process is nowhere to be seen in her courtroom.  By further isolating Assange, the feeling of helplessness and depression is used to break him.  Perhaps, Baraitser is hoping he will commit suicide so she doesn’t have to rule in this case which affects the world.

Some say Julian put lives at risk.  However, it was the New York Times and the Guardian who released the key to the documents before Assange was able to redact the names.  Once they had done this, Assange attempted to contact the State Department and the U.N. to save those lives who were at risk with no action taken.  If anyone should be prosecuted for this, it should be the journalists who published the key.  Why are they free while Julian is in jail? Why is Assange being tortured for doing his job?  Why is an award-winning, 8-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize being threatened with 175 years imprisonment for exposing crimes in the public interest?

Furthermore, why aren’t YOU doing anything about this travesty of justice?  It is time to call your elected officials, write them, protest and save Assange!

The UK is detaining Julian Assange arbitrarily, as it has, since 2010! He now exhibits signs of psychological torture but is denied the medical & psychological care experts demand, because his exceptionally powerful journalism exposed our exceptionally corrupt governments! Only the working people of the world can save this man from injustice!  Only YOU can make a difference!  Do it now before freedom is completely lost!


Breaking News: Proof Assange’s Arrest and Seizure Were Directed By Trump and He wanted Assange Assassinated


Many doubt that President Trump was at the reins when Assange was brutally arrested by British police at the Ecuadorian Embassy but Cassandra Fairbanks conversations have revealed otherwise. The series of conversations between her and Republican Arthur Schwartz expose Trump’s plan and how he wanted Assange murdered within the Embassy.

According to an article in WSWS (which can be seen here):

They confirm that the attempted extradition of Assange is a criminal enterprise, aimed at silencing someone who has exposed US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, and to intimidate all opponents of imperialist war. They prove that all methods of doing so are being discussed, including the death penalty.

According to Fairbanks’s leaked conversations, high-level US officials arranged a deal with the Ecuadorian government in 2018 to secure Assange’s seizure, ostensibly in return for their taking the death penalty, which the Trump administration clearly wanted, off the table.

The deal was organised by President Trump’s current national director of intelligence, Richard Grenell, while he was working as US ambassador to Germany. Fairbanks’s information makes clear that Assange’s arrest and extradition were sought under direct instruction from the president’s office.

I had written about this possibility before and have discussed it in length with Trump supporters who think the extradition of Assange would somehow benefit those who support Trump by revealing truths about Democrats. The fact is, Trump called for the death penalty for Julian Assange long before he was elected. According to articles in The Hill and on CNN, Trump made this statement in 2010:

President-elect Donald Trump in 2010 blasted WikiLeaks, calling the organization “disgraceful.”

“I think there should be, like, death penalty or something,” Trump said during an on-camera exchange to preview Brian Kilmeade’s radio show, CNN’s KFile reported.

In the article by WSWS shown above:

The Schwartz-Fairbanks communications confirm that the extradition hearing begun last week at Belmarsh Magistrates Court is a show trial—a fig leaf to cover a political conspiracy between US and British imperialism to silence Assange forever. The verdict is just as surely predetermined behind the scenes as was Ecuador’s collusion in his seizure.

Given that Assange has committed no crime in publishing information clearly in the public interest, the US extradition request should have been automatically denied. The Anglo-US Extradition Treaty (2007) prohibits extradition if the alleged offence “for which extradition is requested is a political offense.”

The Extradition Act (2003), which incorporates the terms of the treaty into domestic law, prohibits extradition “for the purpose of prosecuting or punishing” someone for his “political opinions,” or even in cases where someone “might be prejudiced at his trial or punished, detained or restricted in his personal liberty by reason” of his “political opinions.”

Extradition hearings proceed because the UK is just as hostile to Assange as the US. Last weekend, journalists Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis revealed that Sajid Javid, who as Conservative government home secretary approved the US extradition request, attended six annual meetings of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which has close ties to the US intelligence community. He spoke at one event alongside then- National Review editor Jonah Goldberg, who asked in a column published on the AEI website, “Why wasn’t Assange garrotted in his hotel room years ago?” Neo-con ideologue Bill Kristol, who also spoke, wrote a column asking, “Why can’t we use our various assets to harass, snatch or neutralize Julian Assange and his collaborators, wherever they are?”

According to Fairbanks, they wanted to either kidnap, poison or murder Assange by having the embasdy leave it’s doors open. I can confirm the embasdy often left it’s doors cracked and unlocked while I stood watch. I could have walked right in.

The slow torture and silencing of Assange was ordered by Trump and the U.K. has followed its master’s orders. Assange is dying in prison while enduring psychological torture because our President wants to set an example to dissidents who might publish the truth about American military crimes abroad. The precedent being set is that the U.S. government can get away with anything and ignores international laws, including the Geneva Convention which it signed.

More than free press is at risk in this fiasco. Democracy itself will be destroyed. The people will no longer be able to hold governments accountable for wrongdoing simply because there will be no one left to tell them.

A statement made by Jennifer Robinson, one of Assange’s lawyers on March 2nd was as follows:

“We remain very concerned about his health. Inside prison he’s been in difficult conditions … he’s been in effective isolation. And … about his ability to withstand the sorts of treatment he will suffer in US prisons”

The travesty of justice in this case, evidenced in the show trial which Judge Vanessa Baraitser is overseeing, is a horrifying example of why the people need to wake up. Every moment Assange is in jail brings him closer to death. Every day we allow this to continue gives them one more step up towards his sacrifice.

Nils Melzer, the U.N. special rapporteur on torture, explains in this video seen here, how the torture techniques being used against Assange were devised by NAZIs. He has called for the immediate release of Assange and has accused the U.K. of psychologically torturing him.

Craig Murray, the journalist, made the statement in his article seen here, that he feels they are doing this to make Assange commit suicide.

“I believe that the Hannibal Lecter style confinement of Assange, this intellectual computer geek, which has no rational basis at all, is a deliberate attempt to drive Julian to suicide.”

The US govt. is using their power to stop true information about Julian from flowing to the public.The MSM has all but ignored the most dangerous press freedom case in history. The fact that the general population has little to no information on this case is on purpose. More people would be outraged by this atrocity if they knew. That is why it is up to you to educate those around you.

Julian’s lawyers are excellent at what they do but what he needs more is mass popular support. We must all speak up for Julian Assange so the public are fully aware of the overwhelming truth that he must be set free! It is up to us, the people to stand up and fight this horrific abuse of a journalist. It is up to us to show the U.S. government that they will be held accountable for their mistreatment and violation of human rights. It is up to us to free Assange

Julian Assange: The Torture of A Journalist


Many know that Assange has been locked up in solitary confinement for most almost 11 months, but many don’t realize what else they are doing to him.  As if solitary confinement isn’t enough torture to inflict on an innocent man while he is in prison with terrorists, murderers and rapists, Belmarsh has hotboxed him, strip-searched him numerous times, harassed him and his visitors, and does not allow him to be touched.

Touching is a vital part of human existence.  According to an article on healthline, (seen here), states it is extremely important to have physical touching.

Skin-to-skin contact is vital for not only mental and emotional health, but physical health, too.

When you feel snowed under or pressured, the body releases the stress hormone cortisol. One of the biggest things touch can do is reduceTrusted Source such stress, allowing the immune system to work the way it should.

Touch can also calm certain bodily functionsTrusted Source, such as your heart rate and blood pressure.

It does so by stimulating pressure receptors that transport signals to the vagus nerve. This nerve connects the brain to the rest of the body. It uses the signals to slow the pace of the nervous system.

In early life, touch is thought to be crucial for building healthy relationships by stimulating pathways for oxytocin, the natural antidepressant serotonin, and the pleasure chemical dopamine.

Plus, it tackles loneliness. Even gentle touch from a stranger has been shownTrusted Source to reduce feelings of social exclusion.

It seems according to some studies that lack of touch lowers life expectancy, causes depression and can affect you long term.  An article on (you can find it here), states:

He describes the psychiatric literature showing that solitary confinement causes lasting mental health problems as “voluminous.” As the mental health issues that plague prisoners in solitary confinement are so vast, it’s difficult to isolate an absence of touch as a major contributing factor, but neuroscientist Huda Akil identifies a lack of touch—alongside other factors—as potential factors that might lead the brain to rewire itself and cause psychological problems. The testimony of prisoners such Peter Collins and Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning highlights how an absence of touch exacerbates the experience of solitary confinement: Writing in the Guardian, Chelsea Manning describes it as “‘no-touch’ torture.”

Literally, no touching is a form of torture.  It has long-lasting effects.  With the torture of Assange, I believe they intend to isolate him to the point he attempts and maybe even succeeds in committing suicide.
In an article seen here :
Why torture? The CIA claims it works. The assumption is that it works to gain actionable intelligence. Torture is often used for revenge, punishment, interrogation, and behavior modification.  In other terms torture is used to remove the continuity of thought to confuse the target to reveal information, erase brain patterns such as values and beliefs, or to break down the human spirit to make them submit and obey their handlers.

Isolation is commonly used as punishment in prisons. Many whistleblowers like Bradley Manning suffer this condition. In soft interrogation it is used to get the target to talk to their interrogator since humans have the need for companionship. In no-touch torture the target is driven from their friends and family using different techniques in order to isolate them so that the electronic mind control has more effect on their psyche.

Like in Guantanamo, the target becomes isolated losing their job and medical care. Part of the method involves slander in their community. They end up on the most part in poverty and paranoid about doctors and other people from false correlations that are purposefully induced into their lives. Isolation is also a form of sensory deprivation which will be discussed later. Days and weeks lose their meaning.

I have discussed the psychological and physical effects of solitary confinement in my article seen here.  You may find my article as well as the article listed above very interesting.  I do not recommend reading the above article if you are faint of heart or cannot handle descriptive violence, however.
Julian Assange has been a victim of psychological torture for nearly 10 years and instead of it ebbing, the British government has upped the ante in order to destroy him.  The U.S. attorneys have promised much of the same treatment adding no contact with the public to the mind game if he is extradited.  The end game is not only the destruction of an individual but to put fear in the mind of all individuals who expose government corruption.  This is not the works of a democracy but of a tyrannical, fascist state.
According to Nils Melzer, the U.N. special rapporteur on torture,  the British are using NAZI techniques on Assange. Extrapolating what Belmarsh has said about his treatment, one wonders how widely this ill-gotten method is employed in the prison & in the UK? Not to mention, by the United States government itself, considering what they put Manning through.
Melzer has also concluded that Assange is not only a victim of torture but will be furthered tortured if extradited by the United States.  He has criticized the U.K. government for their treatment of Assange and demanded he bet set free and that he gets the medical treatment he needs.  The U.K. has ignored the U.N.’s requests to free Assange.
The growing support of Assange brings hope to those who love him but will enough people rise up in time to save this candle in the darkness or will the corrupt governments succeed in silencing the voice in the Wilderness?  Will he be delivered to his executioners as was John the Baptist and Jesus?  Or will the people’s voice be heard all over the world to save this gentle giant?  Many have heard the battle call and are up in arms but is it too late?
Please, take a moment of your day and write your elected officials and demand the torture and incarceration of Assange be ended.  If he is extradited, or they manage to cause him to commit suicide, it is the end of democracy and free speech as we know it.  We will no longer be able to hold our governments accountable because there will be no one to show us their misdeeds.  End the torture now!