Assange and the Pandemic Question


fb_img_15772917887692082820368.jpgThe question being raised during this pandemic is whether they will cancel Assange’s extradition hearing starting in May.  With his continued health issues, his being so weak and the medication they are giving him, it would be dangerous for him to be in a courtroom even if he is in a glass cage.  That’s not even mentioning all the others that will be present possibly being exposed by such close contact.

Currently, Belmarsh, also known as Hellmarsh or Britain’s Gitmo, is not allowing visitors further isolating Assange from friends and family due to the virus.  This may worsen the effects of over 20 hours a day in his cell without interaction.  Keep in mind, Assange has been in solitary confinement for most of his incarceration.  Even though he is in remand which normally allows the person in question to be given bond, they ruled in favor of keeping in the highest security prison in Britain so that he could be further tortured.  Also, remember that the U.N.’s Mandela Act specifically states that any time spent in solitary confinement after 15 days is considered psychological torture.

Julian’s health has further deteriorated while in prison and his father has stated his fear of Assange dying in prison.  This should not be!  Assange is a hero, not a criminal.  He fought for justice for the innocent who were slaughtered by the U.S. military.  He exposed war crimes in the public interest.  He invented a way for whistleblowers to remain anonymous.  He helped the Australians bust a child sex ring when he was 25.  Yet he is still being treated like a terrorist because the United States government is embarrassed that their lawlessness was exposed for all the world to see.  How can we keep our governments liable without the right to know?

I am furious and I am worried about Julian Assange.  I fear he will contract Covid-19 while in prison.  There have already been cases reported in other prisons in the U.K. How long before it enters Belmarsh?  I worry about his health as well due to pre-existing conditions.  Before his brutal arrest from the embassy in London, he already had a persistent cough, deteriorating bone structure, lack of sun and exercise causing other issues that were not released by his doctors, and signs of psychological torture.

The MSM media in the U.S. barely touches on the Assange case.  I am sure this is due to directions from our corrupt, dishonest government.  We can no longer go to our main news sources with any amount of trust or belief in their stories as they are prearranged.  Anyone who goes against the agenda is persecuted.  Journalism is not a crime folks and telling the truth is not terrorism, though Secretary of State, Pompous Mike Pompeo, would like you to believe it is.

By not supporting Assange, not writing letters and making phone calls to legislators,  the President, elected officials and the Department of Justice, you become a supporter of the obvious violations of human rights and the neglect of the U.S. Constitution.  It is not just Assange being destroyed by this evil attempt to silence a publisher. It is our freedom, our democracy and our right to know.  This is an attempt to silent foreign journalists who report on war crimes committed by the U.S. military and applauded by the warmongers in our government.  It is also an attempt to put in place a precedent that will usher in an age of government-controlled news.

The precedent being set by the arrest, the torture and the indictments against Assange will inevitably destroy our First Amendment, free speech and free press.  It will enable the government to arrest and prosecute anyone who speaks up against crimes.  It will silence our truthtellers and whistleblowers.  It will eventually destroy the Constitution and our rights as free men and women.  We can not stand complacently and watch this event take place before our very eyes.  We must act now.  We must fight for this man’s life and freedom.

Join with me in the call to free Assange.  For information on how to write to people who can end this travesty please visit where you can find sample letters, addresses, and phone numbers.

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