Why Assange Should Be Released Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic


Julian Assange’s health has been slowly deteriorating for years. The increased stress and pressure that has been put on him while incarcerated has only made it increasingly worse. Since his arrest in April 2019, he has lost approximately 30 pounds. The fatigue and solitary confinement are taking its toll and he is already in danger of dying in prison. He is weak. Add the danger of Covid-19 and he may very well die in his present condition.

According to an article in the Independent, (article can be seen here):

Inmate at HMP Manchester tests positive for virus as campaigners call on ministers to urgently release some of prison population or risk ‘death sentence’ for many

The Prison Officers Association has confirmed that nationally 113 staff and 75 prisoners are currently in isolation after showing symptoms of the virus.

Criminal justice charities are calling on the government to urgently release a proportion of the prison population to protect them from the current public health crisis, warning that not doing so could be a “death sentence” for many.

With Julian’s current health status, this puts him at high risk. Assange is being held for an extradition trial is not even a convicted felon. The U.K. should realize this and give him bail.Secondly, this outbreak will further isolate him as prisons are not allowing visitors due to the threat of spreading the disease to inmates. The few visits he is allowed at least curb his isolation a bit. Not seeing family and friends will increase his depression. His mother is currently calling for his release as is his father

.A petition requesting his release is circulating currently. Please sign at the below link to help save Assange’s life.

petition link

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