Facebook Censorship At Time of COVID-19 Crisis

It appears that Facebook is calling nearly everything Assange supporters post as against Community Standards today. Many are complaining about the censorship only to have their complaints censored as well.


Messages like the above are being seen by many of my friends on Facebook. According to an article on Fox News, (article can be read in its entirity here):

Major Silicon Valley players, including Google, YouTube and Facebook, warned this week that a larger number of videos and posts could be erroneously removed for policy violations, thanks to coronavirus emptying offices across the country.

Big Tech will have to rely more on algorithms and automated tools over human moderators to flag content that violates its policies.

This type of software is not always as accurate as humans, which leads to errors, the company explained in a blog post. And “turnaround times for appeals against these decisions may be slower,” it said.

Whether this a valid excuse or not remains to be seen as many articles disappear because of the censorship.  I thought these people could easily work from home? During this time, Assange needs us to be able to share important information about his case and we are being censored.  I don’t care about algorithms, I think this is unfair.


One thought on “Facebook Censorship At Time of COVID-19 Crisis

  1. Ariel Valyo

    Algorithms don’t have a conscience, compassion or a soul. They are only as ‘smart’ as the people who created them. They are dumber than the lowest life form on the planet. And if their creators have a bias or political agenda, they will slavishly and mindlessly carry out their ‘master’s’ wishes. It is up to us to call this out and defend against this injustice every time we see it if we want to remain free humans and not become mindless overly controlled drones a la 1984.


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