Breaking News: Proof Assange’s Arrest and Seizure Were Directed By Trump and He wanted Assange Assassinated


Many doubt that President Trump was at the reins when Assange was brutally arrested by British police at the Ecuadorian Embassy but Cassandra Fairbanks conversations have revealed otherwise. The series of conversations between her and Republican Arthur Schwartz expose Trump’s plan and how he wanted Assange murdered within the Embassy.

According to an article in WSWS (which can be seen here):

They confirm that the attempted extradition of Assange is a criminal enterprise, aimed at silencing someone who has exposed US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, and to intimidate all opponents of imperialist war. They prove that all methods of doing so are being discussed, including the death penalty.

According to Fairbanks’s leaked conversations, high-level US officials arranged a deal with the Ecuadorian government in 2018 to secure Assange’s seizure, ostensibly in return for their taking the death penalty, which the Trump administration clearly wanted, off the table.

The deal was organised by President Trump’s current national director of intelligence, Richard Grenell, while he was working as US ambassador to Germany. Fairbanks’s information makes clear that Assange’s arrest and extradition were sought under direct instruction from the president’s office.

I had written about this possibility before and have discussed it in length with Trump supporters who think the extradition of Assange would somehow benefit those who support Trump by revealing truths about Democrats. The fact is, Trump called for the death penalty for Julian Assange long before he was elected. According to articles in The Hill and on CNN, Trump made this statement in 2010:

President-elect Donald Trump in 2010 blasted WikiLeaks, calling the organization “disgraceful.”

“I think there should be, like, death penalty or something,” Trump said during an on-camera exchange to preview Brian Kilmeade’s radio show, CNN’s KFile reported.

In the article by WSWS shown above:

The Schwartz-Fairbanks communications confirm that the extradition hearing begun last week at Belmarsh Magistrates Court is a show trial—a fig leaf to cover a political conspiracy between US and British imperialism to silence Assange forever. The verdict is just as surely predetermined behind the scenes as was Ecuador’s collusion in his seizure.

Given that Assange has committed no crime in publishing information clearly in the public interest, the US extradition request should have been automatically denied. The Anglo-US Extradition Treaty (2007) prohibits extradition if the alleged offence “for which extradition is requested is a political offense.”

The Extradition Act (2003), which incorporates the terms of the treaty into domestic law, prohibits extradition “for the purpose of prosecuting or punishing” someone for his “political opinions,” or even in cases where someone “might be prejudiced at his trial or punished, detained or restricted in his personal liberty by reason” of his “political opinions.”

Extradition hearings proceed because the UK is just as hostile to Assange as the US. Last weekend, journalists Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis revealed that Sajid Javid, who as Conservative government home secretary approved the US extradition request, attended six annual meetings of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which has close ties to the US intelligence community. He spoke at one event alongside then- National Review editor Jonah Goldberg, who asked in a column published on the AEI website, “Why wasn’t Assange garrotted in his hotel room years ago?” Neo-con ideologue Bill Kristol, who also spoke, wrote a column asking, “Why can’t we use our various assets to harass, snatch or neutralize Julian Assange and his collaborators, wherever they are?”

According to Fairbanks, they wanted to either kidnap, poison or murder Assange by having the embasdy leave it’s doors open. I can confirm the embasdy often left it’s doors cracked and unlocked while I stood watch. I could have walked right in.

The slow torture and silencing of Assange was ordered by Trump and the U.K. has followed its master’s orders. Assange is dying in prison while enduring psychological torture because our President wants to set an example to dissidents who might publish the truth about American military crimes abroad. The precedent being set is that the U.S. government can get away with anything and ignores international laws, including the Geneva Convention which it signed.

More than free press is at risk in this fiasco. Democracy itself will be destroyed. The people will no longer be able to hold governments accountable for wrongdoing simply because there will be no one left to tell them.

A statement made by Jennifer Robinson, one of Assange’s lawyers on March 2nd was as follows:

“We remain very concerned about his health. Inside prison he’s been in difficult conditions … he’s been in effective isolation. And … about his ability to withstand the sorts of treatment he will suffer in US prisons”

The travesty of justice in this case, evidenced in the show trial which Judge Vanessa Baraitser is overseeing, is a horrifying example of why the people need to wake up. Every moment Assange is in jail brings him closer to death. Every day we allow this to continue gives them one more step up towards his sacrifice.

Nils Melzer, the U.N. special rapporteur on torture, explains in this video seen here, how the torture techniques being used against Assange were devised by NAZIs. He has called for the immediate release of Assange and has accused the U.K. of psychologically torturing him.

Craig Murray, the journalist, made the statement in his article seen here, that he feels they are doing this to make Assange commit suicide.

“I believe that the Hannibal Lecter style confinement of Assange, this intellectual computer geek, which has no rational basis at all, is a deliberate attempt to drive Julian to suicide.”

The US govt. is using their power to stop true information about Julian from flowing to the public.The MSM has all but ignored the most dangerous press freedom case in history. The fact that the general population has little to no information on this case is on purpose. More people would be outraged by this atrocity if they knew. That is why it is up to you to educate those around you.

Julian’s lawyers are excellent at what they do but what he needs more is mass popular support. We must all speak up for Julian Assange so the public are fully aware of the overwhelming truth that he must be set free! It is up to us, the people to stand up and fight this horrific abuse of a journalist. It is up to us to show the U.S. government that they will be held accountable for their mistreatment and violation of human rights. It is up to us to free Assange

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Proof Assange’s Arrest and Seizure Were Directed By Trump and He wanted Assange Assassinated

  1. George

    We all know Trump is a walking trainwreck in the first place. It seems obvious that the powers that be (behind the orange monkey) have so many skeletons to keep hidden. This remains to be revealed.


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