The Persecution Of Julian Assange By Judge Vanessa Baraitser


The farcical trial of Julian Assange continues as though it is a bad B movie where the hero loses. More like a horror movie, the show continues on as the hero is slowly murdered right before your eyes.

Today was the final day of court during the farAssange extradition hearing until May. However, the court proceedings bore the resemblance to a Roman court in ancient times as the judge showed more prejudice towards the accused than the prosecution did. Judge Vanessa Baraitser once again bore her teeth and took a bite out of Julian Assange by denying him the right to be able to sit next to his lawyers. At current time, Assange is in a bullet proof thick glass cage positioned behind his lawyers with no way to communicate problems without the whole court knowing about it.

When solicitor, Gareth Pierce went to speak to Assange, Judge Baraitser pointed to this as example of him being able to give instructions. Assange spoke loudly through the glass, “That’s exactly, exactly the problem. You can see when I’m having a problem!”

“Assange then stood up in the dock and said, “The problem is I’m not able to get representation.”

Judge Baraitser then told him to “keep quiet and speak through his lawyers.” He replied, “That’s the problem, I can’t.”

The first part of the hearing ended with a row about whether Assange was even receiving a fair and just trial. Which he is not.

One of Julian’s lawyers pointed out that the dock didn’t even exist twenty years ago and that every other country and rid itself of it. He also pointed out it was impossible to speak confidentially with his client. The U.S. prosecution literally sits a few feet away from the dock which has microphones. There is no privacy whatsoever.

The U.S. attorney’s even stated they were neutral on the matter and Baraitser still refused. Her answer to the issue was to give Assange headphones to better hear what was being said.

It is obvious that Baraitser is so used to torturing Assange that she forgot she was in the court room. When even the prosecution has no problem with him sitting with his lawyers and the judge refuses, what kind of court room are you in? The actual ruling on him sitting with them was actually written before his lawyers had the chance to ask for it today.

We all need to point out that this extradition hearing of Julian Assange makes complete nonsense of legal process. There is nothing fair or balanced in the hearing or in anything that has led to it. His human rights are being violated by a sitting judge and her boss, Emma Arbuthnot, who it appears is giving explicit instructions on how she should act. According to many, she often asks Assange how he is feeling and then completely ignores his response. It is so obvious to those watching this farce play out that she is acting a part and already knows her decision.

Even with excellent defense, Assange stands no chance of justice or due process in this court room. He will only remain in the jaws of Hellmarsh and end up facing even more torture by the U.S. empire at the rate this is going. I feel like I am in a nightmare that I cannot wake from so I cannot imagine what Julian is feeling like. It must feel like hell on earth.

If this trial continues as it has, Julian Assange will become history. He will simply die in prison. Even with protests going on outside the courthouse showing great disgust and disapproval, Assange’s torture goes on inside like he is terrorist. The continued persecution will result in the death of a hero if we do not do something to stop this display of government overreach and excessive power. Judge Baraitser and her superior, Emma Arbuthnot, must be removed from the case on the basis of prejudice and conflict of interest.

From Fox News:

“When lawyers blatantly reject well-accepted law for some political gain, they violate their oaths to uphold the law. When govt lawyers do this, they also violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution.”

“When government lawyers do this, they also violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

“If “no law” doesn’t really mean no law, we are deluding ourselves, and freedom is not reality. It is merely a wished-for fantasy.” Judge Napolitano of Fox News

Please write a letter of complaint to the United Kingdom magistrates complaint department at:

or call them directly at:

Telephone number: 0203 126 3390

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