The Show Trial of Julian Assange Continues: Day 3

The show trial of Julian Assange continues to baffle me as the prosecution continues to insist that the law does not stand, that Assange has no rights and insists they are in the right with no evidence. What angers me is the obvious bias of Judge Vanessa Baraitser against Assange himself as she continues to show prejudice. Also, I cannot understand why his lawyers have done nothing about the situation with Emma Arbuthnot, Assange’s obvious deteriorating health or his mistreatment. I wonder why they haven’t called for a dismissal based solely on his health care crisis.

Today, Julian made the following statement directed at the judge:

“I am as much a participant in these proceedings as I am watching Wimbledon. I cannot meaningfully communicate with my lawyers. There are unnamed embassy officials in this court room.”

‘I can not communicate with my lawyers or ask them for clarifications without the other side seeing. There has been enough spying on my lawyers already. The other side has about 100 times more contact with their lawyers per day.”

“What is the point of asking if I can concentrate if I cannot participate.”

Julian is being held in a bullet proof glass box, with a guard on each side, as though he is a violent criminal. He is unable to hear clearly the proceedings, or speak to his lawyers. When he stood to shake hands when allowed to speak to one pertaining to if he needed a break, the guard stopped him immediately. He is being treated as though he is a dog who bit his owner.

The persecution continued through Judge Baraitser in Court today. Prosecution was even willing to allow Assange to sit with his lawyers, yet Baraitser says she will decide tonight. She also claims she can do nothing about Assange’s inhumane treatment at Belmarsh. Is she a judge or a puppet?

It appears Assange lawyers will apply for bail in order for him to be able to speak freely with his lawyers as it appears the judge feels that is the only condition in which he can be with his defense team. I find it tremendously horrific that even after the prosecution agreed to allow it, she continues to torture him. It is obvious they want to isolate him as much as possible as though he is a vicious animal they want to tame.

It really is something when the prosecution QC argues for some minutes with the judge, citing previous examples, to let Assange sit with his lawyers. Yet Judge Baritser still refuses to allow. There is no way this trial can end well with such obvious animosity being shown. It is to the point, this could end in a mistrial.

Judge Baraitser even claimed if he was allowed out of the dock, he was no longer in the custody of the court. In other words, he would be free to leave.

Furthermore, the prosecution seems almost comical in their reasonings. For instance, QC argued that it doesn’t matter that the extradition treaty is unbalanced. That just because the U.S. may enact it is political, the U.K. doesnt have to.

“The defense is trying to get a non-established right in through the back door, by attempting to create that right using the guise of “abuse of process,” Lewis is arguing, saying that if you incorporate a right using an unincorporated treaty, you deny Parliament’s sovereignty.

Clair Dobbin confered with Lewis, who clarified: “It would not be right to say that a right has been abolished by omission: the [2003] Act describes what the court can take into account, “Is there a bar to extradition or is there not?”

“Parliament has expressly abrogated the ‘political offence’ exception,” Lewis says. “The Parliamentary intention was to remove it.”

“Madam, that really is determinative of the issue,” Lewis says, adding that extradition hearings have very limited jurisdiction.

Is this a court room or a Comedy Central skit? It is just bizarre. I thought Britain was so proud of their supposedly just courts? Apparently not.

At this point, Assange was unable to continue. As he left the dock, he raised his fist in the air towards his supporters.

It is clear that this trial is taking a severe toll on his health. Why hasn’t this issue been brought up? Why aren’t his lawyers advocating for him to be seen by professionals outside the prison?

We learned yesterday that after the proceedings in Monday, he was handcuffed 11 times, strip searched twice and his carefully written notes were seized by Belmarsh. He was also moved between 5 holding cells. Not to mention that on Saturday, Belmarsh staff further harassed him by going through his belongings in his cell.

Julian Assange is a gentle, soft spoken, intellectual man with no history of criminal activity. What Belmarsh is doing to him is incredibly barbaric. I fear for him. How much more can he take? It was obvious today that he was not well.

Basically, they are killing him in a slow painful manner as though they are slow cooking a roast. There are not enough words to describe my disgust at what they continue to do. Even the slow torture of the Dark Ages was more humane than this in that it was quicker and eventually they put the person out of their misery. I can barely watch.

The defense team has pointed out that if Assange is extradited, he most likely will commit suicide rather than go through the hell the U.S. government has in store for him.

Yesterday the defense proved that it was in fact the Guardian that published the password to the cables before it was redacted. In fact, Assange attempted to contact the U.S. several times to warn them as well as the UN to save the lives of the people the Guardian put in danger. Why is Assange standing trial and not the man who published the password? It makes no sense whatsoever.

It is unbearable to imagine what is going through his mind as he only wanted to give justice to the innocent who were so horribly victimized by the war crimes the military committed. He should be hailed a hero. Instead, he looks at more torture and life in Gitmo while the real criminals are free. There is no justice for the poor, the weak and the innocent anymore.

Judge Vanessa Baraitser will be remembered in history as the woman who condemned the greatest journalist of our time to certain death if she rules for the extradition of Assange.

After seeing this catastrophe of a trial unfold, tell me, are you on the right side of history? Or are you sitting back complacently watching as a man is slowly martyred and doing nothing to stand up for your own rights? Are you fighting for his freedom or are you as guilty as though who are violating human rights? That is the real question.