Julian Assange Extradition: Our Freedom on Trial Starts Monday in London


On Monday, February 24th, our freedom goes on trial in London, England as Julian Assange’s extradition trial begins.  Many still do not realize what will happen if he is extradited and tried in the U.S. courts.  They do not understand the precedent it will set or what will happen to the genius who revolutionized journalism.  They do not understand that by being brought to the U.S., it will be the finale of the life of a man who changed the world.

Today in London, many supporters who understand the importance of this trial joined in a march that ended at Parliament Square.  They understand the dangers involved in extraditing Julian Assange.  They know that he will be martyred in the states.  They know that once he is extradited and condemned to 175 years in the darkest corners of American prisons that it opens doors to prosecute any journalist who publishes crimes committed by the United States government and military.  They know that human rights are at stake and that free speech for the individual will literally disappear.  They know that Assange is more than just a man but a hero who stood up for truth and justice.  They know a hero when they see one.


Monday, the world’s citizens are being put on trial as well as journalism.  The horrific treatment of Julian Assange over the past decade will become a norm if he is extradited.  Psychological torture will be accepted for journalists and any whistleblower who attempts to give the public the truth.  It will destroy American journalists as well as foreign publishers.  It will enable superpowers to hide their atrocities behind the name “classified.”

Yes, Julian Assange’s freedom is literally our own.  If we allow his extradition and destruction to take place, we are giving our own freedom away by doing so.  We are giving away future generations hope and rights by being complacent.  What they have done to this man is torture.  It is barbaric.  The media has attempted to dehumanize the man in order to please a government that has committed frightening, horrific war crimes against humanity and have gotten away with it.  Instead of the war criminals being put on trial and those who have allowed it, it is the publisher who exposed them.  Assange wanted justice for the innocent.  Instead, he received punishment and abuse.

The government of the United States was embarrassed for being exposed and like the evil empire it has become, it is seeking vengeance against one man.  Many say this is simply a show trial for the public.  However, the public already knows it is.  We must continue to protest, write letters and fight for our freedoms.  Simply put we are all Assange and we must fight against this disgusting unfair treatment of a citizen and fellow human being.  We must stand up and tell the government, “NO MORE!”

There is nothing scarier than a compromised justice system.  If you want freedom, sometimes it costs.  However, it shouldn’t cost this man his life for standing up for us. We own our governments, not the other way around.  They do not have the right to trample our freedom underfoot unless we allow it.  Any injustice due to simple complacency makes us just as guilty as those who did it.

The attack on Julian Assange is a full-scale assault on you as an individual.

From Sputnik News, (article available here):

Julian Assange is our collective conscience, our cause of speaking truth to power. Since the establishment of WikiLeaks in 2006 Julian Assange has performed an essential role in exposing the lies and dark crimes of the rich and powerful that normally operate above the law and beyond reproach.

For performing that role he has been the victim of a vile and vituperative campaign of lies, distortions and slanders. The allegations of rape and sexual assault which were so enthusiastically highlighted and spread across the world by the billionaire controlled mainstream media were deliberately designed to undermine Assange’s credibility and reputation as a precursor for the US and UK authorities to justify aggressive pursuit of the man as a loathsome criminal who deserved to be taken down. Many people were deceived by the lies.

Freedom of the press is necessary to keep politicians in line as well as other branches of government.  Without it, the government can do as it wishes behind closed doors and can commit horrendous crimes against its own citizens and foreigners. What is happening is the tip of the iceberg. The press is the purveyor of information necessary to hold governments accountable. The publishing activities related to the indictments against Assange are simple journalistic necessities to continue their work.  

According to Amnesty International (petition as seen here):

Amnesty International strongly opposes any possibility of Julian Assange being extradited or sent in any other manner to the USA. There, he faces a real risk of serious human rights violations including possible detention conditions that would amount to torture and other ill-treatment (such as prolonged solitary confinement).

The fact that he was the target of a negative public campaign by US officials at the highest levels undermines his right to be presumed innocent and puts him at risk of an unfair trial. Julian Assange’s publication of disclosed documents as part of his work with Wikileaks should not be punishable as this activity mirrors conduct that investigative journalists undertake regularly in their professional capacity. Prosecuting Julian Assange on these charges could have a chilling effect on the right to freedom of expression, leading journalists to self-censor from fear of prosecution.

All charges underpinning the US extradition request should be dropped to allow for Julian Assange’s prompt release.

Please make sure to sign the petition.

According to the Human Rights Commission of the COE as seen here:

I have been following with great attention the developments concerning Julian Assange’s case, in particular the charges against him and the extradition request submitted by the United States government to the United Kingdom. In addition to my own monitoring and analysis, I have received information from medical professionals, civil society activists, human rights defenders, journalists’ associations and others on this case.

Julian Assange’s potential extradition has human rights implications that reach far beyond his individual case. The indictment raises important questions about the protection of those that publish classified information in the public interest, including those that expose human rights violations. The broad and vague nature of the allegations against Julian Assange, and of the offences listed in the indictment, are troubling as many of them concern activities at the core of investigative journalism in Europe and beyond. Consequently, allowing Julian Assange’s extradition on this basis would have a chilling effect on media freedom, and could ultimately hamper the press in performing its task as purveyor of information and public watchdog in democratic societies.

Not to mention that Julian Assange was unlawfully seized from the Ecuador Embassy in London and his political asylum illegally revoked setting a precedent against all asylum seekers. So many human rights have been violated in this case it is unreal.  Ecuador also snatched his personal effects and gave them to the U.S. to use as evidence in the case as well as allowing a security agency in Spain to spy for the CIA during meetings with his lawyers. Exactly how much is the U.S. going to get away with before people wake up and do something about it?  Will it take this man’s life?  I certainly hope not.  Assange’s treatment breaks my heart.

I agree with Trevor Fitzgibbon’s statement on this.

THE #1 MESSAGE: If the Trump administration can prosecute a foreign journalist under US laws for PUBLISHING factual documents then NO JOURNALIST is safe- not in America or anywhere around the world.

Monday is the beginning of the Assange extradition trial. The future of #FreeSpeech will be decided by that trial. More than that the future of an extraordinary man who made the world a better place will be determined. Whose side will you choose the government’s side or humanity’s?

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