Julian Assange Today: New Updates


It appears that even Queen Elizabeth views the extradition and persecution of Assange is politically motivated. In an article by RT, (seen here), a Buckingham Palace spokesperson stated the following:

“The Queen will not intervene to release Julian Assange, vowing to remain “non-political.”

This statement alone makes the extradition of Assange illegal through the extradition treaty between the U.S. and U.K. governments as it states the following:

“Extradition shall not be granted if the offense for which extradition is requested is a political offense.”

When even the Queen of England won’t intervene because it is a political matter, it is obvious to extradite him would be illegal and against the very treaty he would be extradited under. Why are more people not out on the streets screaming about this?

George Christensen, a federal MP in Tasmania, posted this on Facebook today:

“Earlier today, Andrew Wilkie MP and I met with the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer. Prof Melzer advises that he and other medical experts had examined imprisoned Australian journalist Julian Assange and recognised he had the symptoms of psychological torture. Prof Melzer believes this to be the result of ongoing isolation and also the lack of fairness and adherence to protocol in the legal and juridical systems that Assange had been exposed to.”


pictured left to right, George Christensen, Nils Melzer and Andrew Wilkie MP

Wilkie and Christensen will be visiting Assange in Belmarsh on Tuesday. In an article by the Sydney Morning Herald, seen here:

Mr. Wilkie said, “Mr. Assange “was clearly publishing information in the public interest”.

“He had hard evidence of US war crimes,” he said. “Now the country guilty of the war crimes is trying to get a hold of him. For the Australian government to be going along with this is unconscionable.

“The whole thing is mad from start to finish.”

Mr. Wilkie said his two objectives were “for the extradition to be dropped and for Assange to be returned to Australia”.

When you add to the fact the Queen sees this as political, the CIA spied on Assange and his lawyers using a Spanish security agency, they have tortured Assange for over 9 years and the U.S. refuses to extradite Anne Sacoolas, a CIA agent, claiming she is the wife of a diplomat, the U.K. would literally be showing their submission to the U.S. empire. There is nothing worse than a western country bowing as though it is a servant to another country in an act of fear.

Support for Assange is growing worldwide, the question that remains is will it be soon enough to save the Wikileaks founder. Will enough people fight for free speech and free press to end this travesty? We will know soon enough.

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