Targeting Assange Supporters: Results of my Personal FOIA request to the FBI


img_20200125_1421252100542943.jpgIn recent months I received an email from Google stating my emails had been subpoenaed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  After seeing someone else who had their emails subpoenaed as well, I decided to look into this further through a lawyer friend.  He suggested putting in for an FOIA request with my name and alias which he charged me 25 dollars to take care of.  He had hoped by being a lawyer he would get better results.  This is the part of the response sent to me afterward.  I have not included some personal info that was in the letter.



It makes me wonder how many others have files on them.  If you are wondering, here is the link on how to request your FOIA:

One thought on “Targeting Assange Supporters: Results of my Personal FOIA request to the FBI

  1. This is a harbinger of the way things will be. It is no longer necessary to have committed a crime, or even that you be suspected of a crime: now, the authorities use expanded powers to investigate anyone they choose, then pursue you. They don’t even have to manufacture a crime – if they want to, they can hold you without charge.

    Which country are you in, btw? Is it the US?


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