Sex, Lies and Assange





Now that I have your full attention…

Someone told me today I have a one-track mind. Yeah, I guess I do. Freeing Assange is extremely important. It sets a precedent against freedom and by God, that IS IMPORTANT!

Do you like being able to speak your mind without being arrested?
Guess what? If we allow Assange to be extradited and convicted it sets a legal precedent to SILENCE YOU!!!!

Are you sick of seeing your favorite independent journalists removed from social media?
First, they took Assange.
This is how censorship works. Once you silence one of the truthtellers, it leads to silencing them all. Soon all you have is propaganda…

Something is really wrong with a society who allows war criminals who have committed despicable crimes to grow free but indicts a journalist who exposed those war crimes to 175 years in prison.
All Julian Assange ever wanted was two things. ..
1. Justice for the innocent.
2. Governments held accountable for their criminal activity.
Are the American people going to allow a man to be destroyed and tortured for telling them the truth?

We have a right to hold our government accountable for its crimes against humanity. If we allow the free press to become a thing of the past, our ability to know when our government commits atrocities will be gone forever. We will be no better off than NAZI Germany.

The US government likes to frame people who speak out against their crimes. They like to make the good look evil to validate when they martyr them. When they silenced Assange, they silenced the voice of the people. He stood up for those who had no voice. Now we need to stand up for him. Tell your elected officials via phone, letter or postcard they will be held accountable if they do not Free Assange.

They framed Assange with fake allegations of sex crimes, going so far as to change the supposed victims’ testimonies in Sweden. Nils Melzer, the U.N. rapporteur on torture reveals the whole treacherous story here.

After you read that, you realize just how bad 3 governments wanted to silence Assange.  Those governments include the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States but mostly the title of tyrannical goes to the U.S. government.  The U.S. government seeks to murder Assange after having the U.K. do its dirty work by abducting him from the Ecuadorian Embassy and having Ecuador revoke his asylum.  This is a crime against humanity.

I personally am sick of my government destroying my rights, taxing me so they can wage wars and steal from the poor. I am sick of the lies both sides tell. I want my government held accountable for its crimes. Without Assange, we have no hope of ever being able to do so. Our government seeks to set a precedent than any journalist who publishes government crimes will be prosecuted under the Espionage Act. By spying on Assange, they seek to make it possible to make spying on is legal. This is against our 4th amendment rights!

After spying on Assange, how can he even hope to get a fair trial in the U.S.?  He simply cannot.  Any hope for justice at all is lost. In the above mentioned article, Nils states the following:

You’re saying that the targeting of Assange threatens the very core of press freedoms.
‘Let’s see where we will be in 20 years if Assange is convicted – what you will still be able to write then as a journalist. I am convinced that we are in serious danger of losing press freedoms. It’s already happening: Suddenly, the headquarters of ABC News in Australia was raided in connection with the «Afghan War Diary». The reason? Once again, the press uncovered misconduct by representatives of the state. In order for the division of powers to work, the state must be monitored by the press as the fourth estate. WikiLeaks is a the logical consequence of an ongoing process of expanded secrecy: If the truth can no longer be examined because everything is kept secret, if investigation reports on the U.S. government’s torture policy are kept secret and when even large sections of the published summary are redacted, leaks are at some point inevitably the result. WikiLeaks is the consequence of rampant secrecy and reflects the lack of transparency in our modern political system. There are, of course, areas where secrecy can be vital. But if we no longer know what our governments are doing and the criteria they are following, if crimes are no longer being investigated, then it represents a grave danger to societal integrity.’

What are the consequences?
“As the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and, before that, as a Red Cross delegate, I have seen lots of horrors and violence and have seen how quickly peaceful countries like Yugoslavia or Rwanda can transform into infernos. At the roots of such developments are always a lack of transparency and unbridled political or economic power combined with the naivete, indifference and malleability of the population. Suddenly, that which always happened to the other – unpunished torture, rape, expulsion and murder – can just as easily happen to us or our children. And nobody will care. I can promise you that.”

He also states:

“A murderous system is being created before our eyes…”

People, we must open our eyes.  We must leave our comfort zones and end this now! We must free Assange and by doing so, free ourselves from the arms of our tarantula-like leaders who seek to devour our freedoms like a vampire feeds on blood.  We must fight for what is left of our rights as individuals through the fight the free Assange.

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