Julian Assange Today: Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, John Shipton, EU Council and more

Updates on Julian Assange

In a tweet by Oscar Parilli, a senator in Argentina, stated the following:

Nominamos a #JulianAssange y WikiLeaks para el Premio Nobel de la Paz, como uno de los contribuyentes más importantes a la libertad de expresión y la transparencia en el siglo XXI, impactando directamente la paz global.

Translation below:

This makes 8 times I do believe. How can a man like Pompeo attack Assange with statements like selfish and arrogant as well as calling Wikileaks “a non-state hostile intelligence agency” which basically is calling them terrorists when Assange has been nominated that many times?
He did his job as a journalist as well as an editor. He is not arrogant and selfish but is called generous and humble by many who know him personally. To me, this attack by now Secretary of State was made to attempt invalidate #Vault7 and to take the focus off himself as CIA director and his agency for spying on American citizens. As well as a ploy to get vengeance on the editor. Pompeo is also the “diplomat” who helped coerce Ecuador by bribing them with a 5.6 billion IMF loan to end Assange’s political asylum at the embassy in London.

In other news, the EU council met earlier this week and has demanded the release of Julian Assange.

Even though the British government is leaving the EU they still have numerous trade deals in place. If they do not comply with this ruling, how will it affect their economy? How will other European countries and the world view their obvious human rights violations? (This includes their abduction of Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy).

Keeping him in Belmarsh, (nicknamed “Britain’s Gitmo” and “Hellmarsh”), which is a Category A prison, while he is on remand is not only a distorted atrocity but puts him in danger. Belmarsh holds terrorists murderers and rapists. Assange is an intellectual. He is gentle, kind and humble. He does not deserve to be in a supermax prison.
The U.N. has also called for his release several times as well as the Mexican President and other organizations.
However, Amnesty International refuses to back this up, claiming Assange’s case it not one of conscience. If this is not a case that Amnesty is willing to fight what the hell is?

In an article from Sputnik where John Shipton, Assange’s father, was interviewed, John states the following (article seen here):

Sputnik: And what was his condition like?

John Shipton:Pretty dire. [United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Nils] Melzer’s and the doctors’ – the 160 doctors, – analysis or diagnosis is pretty sharp.

Sputnik: Recently it was also announced that US government is lagging in its legal submissions in relation to the extradition case at least; the documents that it submitted to the relevant party senior in the UK, that the Trump administration is claiming that protections under the First Amendment of US Constitution as they relate to freedom of the press and freedom of speech, don’t apply to foreign journalists. Have you heard? Are you aware of that claim?

John Shipton:Yes, I see that they keep on extending their claims to continue with the judicial abduction of Julian. If I can make the point that over the last 10 years the United States has introduced a policy. The policy covers two areas. One is that of judicial abduction, rewriting extradition treaties between nations, any nation that they could rewrite to simplify extradition. The other is extrajudicial murder. So, in the case of judicial abduction, there is Mike Lynch, Julian Assange, Ola Bini, and the Chief Executive Officer of Huawei. They abduct people who are journalists or who have the knowledge of technology that the United States wants. The parallel policy is extrajudicial murder which we have just seen demonstrated with the murder of Soleimani. This is taking the United States outside the civilized family of nations. And they seem determined to plunder Europe and to extend their laws to every other nation in the world.

The U.S. empire, in an effort to win this battle over the free press, hired U.C. security systems out of Spain to spy on Assange, his lawyers, doctors, and visitors while in the Ecuadorian embassy. They turned over data monthly. This is a violation of lawyer-client privilege as well as doctor-patient privilege, not to mention an invasion of privacy.
When Daniel Ellsberg was charged under the Espionage for leaking the Pentagon Papers the case was dropped due to U.S. governmental misconduct because they were spying on Ellsberg and his lawyers. This case sets a precedent. Assange simply cannot be charged in this case due to government misconduct. The CIA spied on Mr. Assange and has all his data and the paperwork regarding this case, giving then an unfair advantage to prosecute.
If you think this case is a fair one, you have been misled. It is time the U.S. dropped its case and the U.K. freed Assange.

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