The Evil Within: Belmarsh Prison, Its Governor and Julian Assange

This might be a long one folks.

In recent news, a disabled prisoner within Belmarsh was found dead. This was the 3rd incarcerated individual this year who has died in Belmarsh . According to the article in the Guardian seen here:

Liridon Saliuka, 29, died after a dispute over whether he should be classified as disabled.
Liridon Saliuka, who was born in Kosovo and held a British passport, was found reportedly unresponsive in house block 4 of the high-security prison in the early evening of 2 January.
He was the third prisoner to have died in Belmarsh within the past year. Another inmate was found dead there in November.

His sister Dina stated the following from above article:

“They didn’t let him make a phone call from Boxing Day until New Year’s Day when I saw him,” Dita said. “My brother said people who committed suicide were weak and selfish. I heard from others there had been an altercation that day. He was being bullied.

“I called the prison repeatedly to [to raise concerns about his disability] but no one came back to me. He was moved on New Year’s Eve, and he said he had been sleeping on the floor because the mattress was so uncomfortable.

“He was on remand. Now my brother will never be able to clear his name in court.”

His sister also tweeted the following which is not covered in the article by the Guardian.

Rob Davis, who is the governor of Belmarsh has a history of prisoners dying under his eye. While prison warden (or as known in the U.K. prison governor), Mr. Davis had 17 inmates commit suicide at Woodhill jail while warden. 12 deaths occurred in one year. (See article here from miltonkeynes for full details).

Julian Assange is also being held in remand at Belmarsh and statement to friends is that he is dying. We cannot let this happen to an innocent journalist.

At a visit with Assange, Pamela Anderson was threatened by the warden according to an article at Sputnik seen here:

“The warden made it very clear to me, that if I were going to be a problem – he’d make problems for Julian. It was a direct threat,” the actress reportedly said.

What the problem Pamela could cause he was speaking of was never made clear by the warden nor what kind of problems he intended on giving Assange. Though Julian’s 23 hour solitary confinement and hot box treatment might be it. This threat is very enlightening as to how Rob Davis feels about prisoners under his watch however.

How long will it be before Assange is suicided? Belmarsh continues to torture a man who already served his sentence for bail jumping and is presumed innocent until proven guilty of the 18 indictments awaiting him in the United States. Julian Assange is being slowly murdered by the British justice system while people sit back and watch.

When will folks stand up for justice and their own rights? Do we have to lose a innovator of journalism, a truth teller and a human rights advocate to understand what is really taking place here?

Why isn’t the U.S. going after the New York Times and the Guardian who helped release the same documents Assange released through Wikileaks? The Guardian also released the revelations from Edward Snowden. Why are they being protected?

No man who has not yet stood trial should be held in a high security prison known as Britain’s Gitmo. According to my article, “Belmarsh: Where They Are Keeping Assange” seen here:

According to wikipedia seen here:

In November 2009, an inspection report from Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisonscriticised the “extremely high” amount of force used to control inmates at the prison.[5] The report also stated that an unusually high number of prisoners had reported being intimidated or victimised by staff at Belmarsh.”

Belmarsh also known as Hellmarsh is known as a Category A prison.

Category A: Category A prisons are high security prisons, holding those individuals considered the most threatening to the public should they escape. Category A prisons should not be overcrowded, given the high levels of security required.

By putting Assange in such a prison, it is obvious the U.K. and the U.S. intend to martyr him for speaking the truth. Julian Assange is a gentle, kind man who is a non-violent individual. Exposure to such torture and extreme conditions alone would certainly aid in deteriorating his already tormented soul.

The U.S. simply wants vengeance because their criminal acts of war have been exposed for what they are. Wikileaks showed the world the truth, yet no one else who published these facts have so much as been slapped on the hand.

Don’t let this happen to you fellow journalists and citizens of the world. For Assange sets a precedent for the future of free speech and free press. Today it is Julian, tomorrow it is the world.