Recent Updates on Assange

In a tweet by Julian’s friend Vaugh Smith he shared this…

Julian Assange called my family from prison this Christmas Eve while we were preparing for dinner. Please spare a thought for him. He spoke to my wife, Pranvera and our girls – who remembered Christmas with him in 2010 when he was our guest while on bail.

This was the last time that Julian had a family Christmas. He told my wife and I how he was slowly dying in Belmarsh where, though only on remand, he is kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day and is often sedated. His US extradition proceedings start in February…

and he desperately needs our support. #alonethischristmas #MerryXmas #FreedomOfSpeech #FreeJulianAssange #WikiLeaks #JulianAssange

According to reports, last Friday, Assange was accompanied by 2 doctors in the prison van to court for the appearance via video link in Spain. Apparently, Belmarsh must be concerned that Assange may faint or worse for them to accompany him. This is very concerning.

When a person appears to be dying and the recognised treatments for saving his life are knowingly withheld, against the advice of more than 60 doctors, surely this is attempted murder in any nation that wants to claim rule of law!

This must be seen as torture, abuse of a prisoner and an extreme violation of human rights. The U.K. is supposed to be a civilized nation with respect for the laws it agreed to under the Vienna Convention as well as the United Nations which it helped form. International law is being ignored in this case and Assange is being slowly murdered without trial or jury.

If this continues, we will lose a hero simply through complacency and laziness. This must stop NOW! 6 months from now may be too late!

5 thoughts on “Recent Updates on Assange

  1. Katalina

    This is a glaringly illicit abuse of human rights and the most brutal. Julian Assange is imprisoned for no crime, tortured and his life systematically destroyed.
    Those responsible, nameless and shameless are the real criminals and should be charged and behind bars for their atrocious crimes.
    England and america,, and implicitly australia (doing nothing for Assange) can no longer pretend to be democratic, as they progress in their slide to fascist, authoritarian regimes run by outlaws and criminals.


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