Briefing from Spanish Legal Team on the Court Appearance Over Spying

Special thanks to @DEACampaign on Twitter for sharing.

“Here is the briefing from a member of the Spanish legal team after Julian Assange had been video linked into the Spanish high court where UC Global’s director was being tried for illegally spying on Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy and allegedly selling the footage to the CIA.
“The declaration began 7 hours late due to lack of coordination between Belmarsh and Westminster. JA has confirmed that he was always denied that the new cameras recorded audio and that he did not know it. He has confirmed that he did
not know about the existence of a hidden microphone at the base of the fire extinguisher and another in the bathroom. And he has confirmed that he never authorized the company to subtract his notes and open his letters to digitize them.
He has also confirmed that his visitors did not authorize them to open their phones and photograph the imei codes and the sim card. In addition, he has confirmed that the names of the objectives that the company gave in the mails were mainly members of his defense team,
his lawyers. In addition, submitted to the judge the report of the UN Rapporteur against Torture, which says that he is in a very weakened and sensitive situation, considered as torture by the Rapporteur,after analyzing it by doctors who accompanied him, during his transfer the judge understood the situation and for that reason a concrete interrogation was made, fast and simple, attending to its delicate situation.”

It is obvious that there is no way in hell that Julian can obtain justice in the U.S. courts. They have all his legal conversations, his doctor visits and every word he spoke in the Embassy.

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