Assange’s Christmas

This will be the first Christmas I have ever been alone. The loneliness and sadness is overwhelming. As I stare out the window at a cold December day I stop and realize I am fortunate to at least have that option. I can go to church Christmas Eve and eat Chinese Christmas Day. Assange doesn’t have those choices.

Julian Assange is in solitary confinement. He will spend his 8th Christmas alone away from his children. He will probably have a nasty meal, no Christmas decor, no holiday cheer. Only 4 miserable walls to stare at endlessly.

Julian Assange has young children. He has missed simple things while he was stuck in the embassy. His freedom was taken for telling the truth. He missed things like first steps, first birthdays, the first time they rode their bikes and the first day of kindergarten. Some may shrug that off, but I can’t.

Julian raised his first child on his own. A stay at home dad who gave his son love and attention. Children need a father, especially a good one like Julian Assange. What the 5 governments involved in this atrocity have done is to make his children a victim of unnecessary child neglect. They have taken a truly good father away from his children. This should not be.

So while we listen to sleigh bells ring, and sing silent night, a man who does not deserve the torture, is languishing in Belmarsh prison. While dinner is served and gifts handed out, the sound of prison doors slamming and a man down the hall screaming, is the song Assange hears. While we have a jolly good time with loved ones, Assange only has a cell to comfort him. While Julian suffers another Christmas alone, depressed and deteriorating, appreciate what you have. You might be next.

2 thoughts on “Assange’s Christmas

  1. stubbornweltverbesserer

    Hi Angel, thanks for your very moving post. Please let me just say: Julian knows he’s not alone. More and more people worldwide are waking up. Support is growing, internationally. Remember, last year over Christmas and New Year we were just a handful of activists who were at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, boots on the ground. You and I were among them. But now there are thousands, probably more, speaking up for Julian; the numbers are growing despite the total media blackout. We can win this. We can save Julian. And so we shall.
    Merry Christmas to you.
    Greetings from London
    Sabine von Törne


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