What Assange Is Likely Going Through In Prison

Interview with former prison inmate describes conditions of hospital wards in prison

I spoke with a former inmate who prefers to remain anonymous about what hospital wards in prison are like. This was his response.

Source: (laughs but then gets serious) Calling it a hospital ward is just a legal way to put a person in solitary confinement without calling it that. It’s still a cell. No hospital bed. Easier to watch you as there is a camera with you in the room. (Pauses) They have more private access to you. No one will be able to see you if they do something. (Pauses again) It’s like suicide watch.

Me: Did you have more access to medical care?

Anon: No. A first aid kit has more care. If you see a doctor they are from outside. It’s nothing like what most people would think. Real emergencies are taken to a real hospital.

I told him about Assange being put in a hot box prior to being seen in court.

Anon: Doesn’t surprise me none. They want you unable to testify. If you can’t think straight, then they gotcha. There ain’t any justice when you are in prison. Different set of rules.

From what I have read and heard, the idea of Julian actually getting any care at Belmarsh is impossible. He needs to be freed and taken to a healthcare facility immediately.

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