New Letter to Governor of Belmarsh with addresses and phone number

Dear sir:

It has come to my attention that while housing Julian Assange while he is in remand that you have been detrimental in your treatment of this man. Please remember than a man is innocent until proven guilty and he is not on trial in the U.K.Through the continuous mistreatment of Assange, you have shown the world you intend to carry on the tradition of torture shown at the Tower of London. This is nothing to be proud of. The world is watching as you keep him from defending himself, have and continue to enforce solitary confinement 23 hours a day, and have also used the “hot box” form of torture. Sir, the U.K. is not a 3rd world country nor do we live in the Dark Ages.It is your responsibility as a governor over Belmarsh to provide an environment that does not unjustly violate human rights of an individual. As Assange’s health wanes and his anxiety increases thinking about possible extradition to the U.S. (where he will be tortured), it is your responsibility to see that he has every chance to defend himself.It has also been evident you have been withholding his mail to further isolate and hurt his well-being. You must end this mistreatment now and be an example to the world.Give Assange the tools he needs to defend himself, give him ample time with his lawyers and visitors, release his mail and treat him with the respect he us due.

Thank you.

A concerned citizen

Address and phone number:



Twitter: @hmpbelmarsh
Rob Davis

Belmarsh Prison
Western Way

London SE28

Tel: 020 8331 4400
Fax: 020 8331 4401
Governor: Rob Davis OBE

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