Julian Assange’s Father Hopeful Assange Will Be Freed

In an article by 9News in Australia, ( seen here), Assange’s Father stated he was hopeful for Julian’s release due to a huge uptick in support. Shipton stated,

“Basically the malice and spite demonstrated by the United Kingdom and Sweden is of concern to every Australian,” Mr Shipton told AAP.

“We are working towards the government involving itself diplomatically to ensure Julian’s return home to Australia and the prosecution stopping immediately.”

John has visited 8 countries in order to help free his son who is still in custody on remand in Belmarsh prison in the U.K. Assange currently spends 23 hours a day in his cell in solitary confinement. Isolated from the outside and unable to prepare his defense, Assange’s health continues to deteriorate under these terrible conditions. Surrounded by murders and terrorists, Julian languishes in the prison hospital without proper medical care.

Recently, hundreds of journalists and over 80 doctors have signed 2 seperstre open letters in an effort to support Assange. May his freedom come soon.

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