Judge Arbuthnot Is a Serious Conflict of Interest while Baraitser Claims She Has No Jurisdiction

I wrote on Judge Emma Arbuthnot’s conflict of interest last June regarding Wikileaks release of her criminal husband’s activities. However, it has to come to light that her son is also a reason she is a conflict of interest as he is employed by a U.S. cyber security firm called DarkTrace which is an intelligence agency anti-war leak company. (See link here).

If that is not enough, according to Sputnik news, (Link seen here), Judge Vaness Baraitser declared today she has no jurisdiction over Assange’s conditions in which he is held. It seems the lies and bull shit gets deeper as we go.

If a judge has no jurisdiction over prison conditions, who does? This woman’s biased decisions and obvious ulterior motives are so obvious, she might as well wear a t-shirt saying, “I love the US!”

Baraitser shows an obvious contempt for justice as well as the law as she continues to persecute a man who is innocent until proven guilty. She was appointed to oversee these hearings by Arbuthnot and for obvious reasons.

Everyone who is not standing up against the unjust treatment in this case should be ashamed of themselves. Only apathetic creatures with no compassion can look at the torture and persecution of this man and not be appalled by the abuse. It is horrifying to watch as it continues.

Julian Assange must be free!

While Julian’s legal team does all it can to fight his extradition to the US, we must do all we can to highlight the injustices he has to endure.

Everyone must realise media & politicians lie about him constantly. We must educate the public on the lies pertaining to Assange and create a mass movement to Free him immediately before it’s too late!

One thought on “Judge Arbuthnot Is a Serious Conflict of Interest while Baraitser Claims She Has No Jurisdiction

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