The Continued Torture of Julian Assange: New Update

Many may not view 23 hours in isolation as torture but recent news from Assange’s father, John Shipton, proves that they intend to torture Assange until he is dead.

In a meeting in EU Parliament, both Mr. Shipton and UN special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, spoke of their concerns in this case. (You can see it here). John spoke of why Assange had trouble remembering his name at a recent court appearance , stating that they had put Julian in a “hot box” prior to the hearing and also strip searched him.

John Shipton pointed out:

“AU criminal law barristers who deal with indigenous people – Phillip Segal, @BarnsGreg & 8 others said they have never seen a defendant brought into court in that condition – unable to remember his name.”

Many have discussed the possible use of BZ, a chemical given to an individual to alter their mind, but it appears the use of the “hot box” caused his confused state.

According to Wikipedia seen here:

The box, also known as a hot box or sweatbox, is a method of solitary confinement used in humid and arid regions as a method of punishment. Anyone placed in one would experience extreme heat, dehydration, heat exhaustion, even death, depending on when and how long one was kept in the box. Another variation of this punishment is known as sweating: the use of a heated room to punish or coerce a person into cooperating with the torturers.

If the U.K. is willing to use such a technique on a man who is simply being held for possible extradition, what horrible forms of torture will be used on Assange once he arrives in the U.S.? This is exactly what Julian was terrified of and why he sought asylum from Ecuador. He knew what would happen to him.

I am mortified, angry and so many other emotions by this travesty of justice and mercy. If they are doing this to a well known journalist like Assange, what are they doing to others? Torture at this level was discontinued and looked down upon due to the Geneva Convention. Both the U.S. and U.K. agreed upon the definitions mentioned in this agreement and that they would not use such things anymore. These are civilized nations. We no longer live in the Dark Ages. What in God’s name do they think they are doing?

I cannot imagine what brutality and evil must bve present in those afflicting these techniques on a man who exposed criminals. The evil and injustice in this case is mind boggling. This is a cruel and unusual punishment for a man who has never been tried.

They are slowly assassinating him and destroying a man who only wanted justice for those who were victims of war crimes. While journalist organizations continue to give him awards and he is enduring hell, the average citizen sits back aesthetically allowing this atrocity to play out. What is wrong with society today when they allow such evil in their midst? This is not the MidEast, this is happening in London. Folks, something must be done before it is too late. We must save this son, father and brother from being martyred. We must free Assange!!!

16 thoughts on “The Continued Torture of Julian Assange: New Update

  1. When I first read Julian Assange’s father’s statement that Julian had been put in a hot box, I thought he was using a metaphor. Our Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. We shouldn’t be using it on criminal’s let alone on a martyred hero like Julian Assange! This very much brings to mind the Milgram experiments and people willing to hurt others if the voice of authority directs them. Time to put a face in front of that voice.

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    1. Brian Estes

      Ballad of an Outlaw ~ by Brian Estes 2019

      Come gather ’round the fire
      I’ll sing to you a song
      Of a man they called an outlaw
      And how we done him wrong

      He worked as a miner
      But he didn’t dig for gold
      He sifted through the secrets
      And the lies that they told

      Yes, he dug for the truth, child
      And gave it away for free
      Though he never made a profit
      He made lots of enemies

      The criminals in power
      Pulling wool across our eyes
      They were deer in his headlights
      They were caught in their lies

      He showed us all their spying
      He pulled away the veil
      We learned about their dirty wars
      So they hauled him off to jail

      They tortured him and they kept him
      In a lonesome little cell
      All because he told the truth
      We ain’t allowed to tell

      Some say he beat them
      At their dirty little game
      But when he had his day in court
      He couldn’t even say his name

      The whole world just turned away
      And his mama, Lord she cried
      For though her son was still alive
      The outlaw had died

      Well, some men are liars
      And some men are fools
      And some men are crucified
      For breakin’ all their rules

      There’s things you shouldn’t say, child
      And there’s tales you shouldn’t tell
      Or you’ll end up like that outlaw
      In his lonesome little cell

      Yes, there’s things you shouldn’t know, child
      And there’s things you shouldn’t see
      I’ve sung a song you shouldn’t hear
      They’ll soon be here for me

      But, child, don’t you worry
      It’s time to go to bed
      The outlaws all are gone now
      So lay down your head

      Yes, we jailed all the outlaws
      But here’s a little twist
      Before we called them “outlaw”
      We called them “journalist”

      There used to be a saying
      That the truth will set you free
      But the truth is now against the law
      Take it from me

      So gather ‘round the fire
      And burn another book
      And stay away from places
      You hadn’t oughta look

      Some men are killers
      And some men are thieves
      And some men are outlaws
      For the things that they believe

      That was my song, child
      And now you know my tale
      I’m the last of the outlaws
      And they’re hot on my trail

      But someday when the wind blows
      And the last of us are gone
      Raise your voice up to the sky
      And sing an outlaw song
      Won’t you raise your voice up to the sky
      And sing an outlaw song


  2. Deb

    And time to learn the names of the puppets that they be brought to account. It is hard to believe there isn’t one human amongst them. Not a human employee in Belmarsh to get him out or soften his torture.

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  3. Lorraine Shantz

    Only rapists , pedophiles, murderers should be treated like this ! My God, this is a good man trying to find justice among the world , and he gets tortured for his reward ??? That is insane and barbaric to the core ! Please have a heart and set him free in God’s name…


  4. Michelle

    In court you must speak truth so help you whatever…
    Free julian
    He spoke truth
    Murderers rapists psychopaths only get few years
    Where’s the balance? Where’s justice?


  5. Julian Assange needs to be freed, he has not ever done anything wrong, and he is a good man, so why are they trying him like this, the way they are treating him is barbaric, these people are the criminals, they are pure evil demonic sadistic barbaric torturous, why would any one be treated this way.


  6. Dawn Evans

    This is a disgrace that this is happening in England. What about Julian Assange’s Human Rights? He is a good man and should be freed now.


  7. James Dennison

    Did his disclosures under Wikileaks cost lives? I believe they did or certainly compromised a lot of agents. Torture is not OK but he is certainly a flight risk.


  8. Michael Hughes

    Everyone in the UK should write their MPs telling them the facts. Most MPs just take the party line/regime line as gospel.

    Factors to consider when writing MPs, plus any others that you may be aware of.

    Prosecuted by those he exposed as criminals
    All Wikileaks reports proven accurate
    He personally redacted names from documents he published to ensure no one was put at risk and James Clapper (Director of National Intelligence) stated to the US Congress that there is no evidence that any harm came to anyone.
    Smeared – Publicly (and in court room) called a Narcissist
    Slandered – Puerile lies about personal habits, treatment of cat
    Spied Upon – For CIA while in Ecuadorian Embassy
    Tortured – UN Report
    Pilloried and victimised by the press
    Never charged for any crime in Sweden
    US interfered in Westminster Court Proceedings

    Imprisoned with Excessive Penalty by judge who has since recused herself from the case because of conflict of interest

    Remand Prisoner but held in Solitary Confinement
    Mail Delayed by prison for months
    Denied adequate means to prepare defence
    Denied Access to Evidence
    Denied Medical Attention


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