The Disgusting Torture of Assange Displayed in Court

In a disgusting display of callousness by Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser, the U.K. judicial system showed no justice in court yesterday regarding Julian Assange. Many of his close friends showed dismay over the deteriorating health of the Wikileaks founder but were absolutely astounded by the decay of his mental faculties. A true genius of our time, stumbled to say his name and birth date when asked. Journalist Craig Murray was present and wrote an article about what he saw, ( You can read all of it here):

Before I get on to the blatant lack of fair process, the first thing I must note was Julian’s condition. I was badly shocked by just how much weight my friend has lost, by the speed his hair has receded and by the appearance of premature and vastly accelerated ageing. He has a pronounced limp I have never seen before. Since his arrest he has lost over 15 kg in weight.

But his physical appearance was not as shocking as his mental deterioration. When asked to give his name and date of birth, he struggled visibly over several seconds to recall both. I will come to the important content of his statement at the end of proceedings in due course, but his difficulty in making it was very evident; it was a real struggle for him to articulate the words and focus his train of thought.

I can tell you that yesterday changed my mind entirely and Julian exhibited exactly the symptoms of a torture victim brought blinking into the light, particularly in terms of disorientation, confusion, and the real struggle to assert free will through the fog of learned helplessness.

When Assange stated he didn’t understand the proceedings as he had trouble thinking properly, Baraitser dismissed him coldly with the statement his lawyers could explain. No sympathy or compassion was evident in her cruel, haughty response. Anyone who had ever listened to Assange speak previously would be able to see the well-spoken, articulate intellectual had digressed mentally.

It is a blatant misconception if anyone thinks there will be a fair trial for this tortured journalist. Ignoring the extradition treaty of 2011, Baraitser refused to hear that the charges against him were political. It is obvious to everyone, this case has already been decided by this Magistrate who has proven injustice is easily obtained by a superpower in England.

Assange appeared near tears when he spoke. It was obvious he was dazed and confused and struggling. My heart drowns in tears of dismay for this hero whose last statement in court was simply that he wanted justice.

I have wept over the obvious decline in his health, the distinct signs of aging and the decay of his brilliant mind. There is no doubt in my mind, he may not survive through the extradition process. My heart breaks and aches for Julian Assange. How he must be suffering. I often pray that God would ease his pain and heal him.

In today’s culture, breaking a man need not be physical torture but is mostly psychological. They are destroying him and weakening him through solitary confinement. Destroying his mind ensures them that he will be silenced forever. We must not let this happen. We must unite and fight to free him.

One thought on “The Disgusting Torture of Assange Displayed in Court

  1. Treg Loyden

    He is being held illegally. He is not a mass murderer. He did not invade countries or take documents. Freedom of the Press baby! Yes it is time to free him! Set Julian Assange free!
    For just the cost of stamp, PLEASE send your love & support to:

    Mr Julian Assange
    Prisoner #: A9379AY
    DOB: 03/07/1971
    HMP Belmarsh
    Cell 23 Healthcare
    Western Way
    London SE28 0EB


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