John Bolton Resigns After Trump Asks Him To

John Bolton has resigned or so he says. Trump sent out a tweet this morning regarding this situation with the war-mongering National Security Advisor. The President claims, however, that he informed his services were no longer needed. Was he fired or did he resign?

Trump also said he would be choosing someone new as early as next week.

It is actually wonderful news to those who feared war with Iran, Syria and even Russia. John Bolton seemed to be always screaming for war in his tweets. The big scare now is who he will choose to replace him. So far, Trump’s choices seem to lean towards Deep State and are looking for catastrophic results.

The other question is will he choose a Pro-Assange advisor or one who doesn’t support him like Bolton? Will he finally replace the egotistic, ex-CIA director, Mike Pompeo, who is screaming for Assange’s head like Hero Antipas’ stepdaughter did?

The future remains to be seen.

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